Celebrating 50 Years of the Safe Drinking Water Act

Celebrating 50 Years of Safe Drinking Water Act


The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) was signed into law on December 16, 1974, which makes 2024 the 50th anniversary of the original statute. In honor of 50 years since the passing of the Safe Drinking Water Act, AWWA is excited to celebrate the successes of the sector and water professionals whose nonstop efforts have kept our water safe and reliable.    

Join us in recognizing the Safe Drinking Water Act’s 50th anniversary by leveraging the available news and information provided here.

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Safe Drinking Water Act Timeline and Milestones


The Story of a Crucial Law to Protect Public Health

Every time you turn on your tap and drink some fresh, delicious water, you can thank the Safe Drinking Water Act!

For 50 years, this landmark federal legislation has been a key driving force safeguarding the quality of potable water that is so essential to daily life across the U.S. Administered through science-based EPA regulations, SDWA set stringent and clear standards which all water utilities and systems, of all sizes, are required to meet.

SDWA has kept up with changing times and evolving science. It has been updated several times to address emerging threats to our drinking water, as well as new opportunities to tackle water quality challenges.


Over the past 50 years, water professionals have played a significant role in ensuring that we have safe and reliable drinking water. We asked AWWA members to share insight on what the 50th anniversary of the Safe Drinking Water Act means to them.

Read and watch their testimonials below.

“The Safe Drinking Water Act was passed to safeguard the public health and safety of all U.S. citizens, by setting high standards for the nation’s drinking water. A safe, reliable water supply plays a critical role in our day-to-day lives — and it’s significant in the quality of life we enjoy.


Cheryl PorterAWWA President

The thing I like about the Safe Drinking Water Act is it brought about a certain level of accountability for the treatment of this most precious resource which defends the health of people.


Donnell DuncanAssociate Vice President, Arcadis

I put the Safe Drinking Water Act in a continuum of steps on drinking water that have done more for public health than any other single set of steps in human history.


George HawkinsFounder and CEO, Moonshot Missions

Just the fact that I don’t have to worry about it says an immense huge props, to the whole industry to our representatives and legislators.


Annie StoreyExecutive Director, Illinois Section AWWA

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