Effective Useful Life Tool

Effective Useful Life Tool 

First Version Now Live!

The AWWA Asset Management Committee has developed an excel based tool to assist in determining the effective useful life (EUL) for facility based treatment, storage, and pumping facility assets for water utilities. Understanding the effective useful life of an asset is a key component of an asset management program as it supports an initial determination of the estimated renewal needs. Using these values, utilities can look ahead 5 to 10 years and get a rough estimate of their renewal needs to compare against projected budget availability and proactively adjust user rates and or apply for loans and grant funding as necessary to fund needed capital improvement projects to reduce risk and meet service level goals. The EUL estimates can also be enhanced through formal condition assessment programs to further develop the capital improvement plan.

Free Effective Useful Life Estimating Tool

Version 1 of the Effective Useful Life Estimating Tool is now available!

The Water Utility Facility Asset EUL tool is an Excel Workbook based on a database of EUL values by specific asset type collected from approximately 40 utilities across the United States. The tool also has the capability to make adjustments to customize the EUL values for your specific utility based on the following factors; operating environment, maintenance program, utilization, and asset manufacturing era.

Click the link below for the tool.

Effective Useful Life Tool Info Graphic

The Asset Management Committee is requesting additional available EUL data for facility-based assets by asset class to improve version 1 of the tool. Once you have downloaded and updated the workbook with your EUL inputs and results, we would appreciate if you could please send a copy of the file to AWWA. You don’t need to have data for every asset type listed in the workbook, any subset of asset types will be accepted. 

Your data set will be anonymous in any updated version of the Tool that is offered and your contact information will not be shared.

Email the excel workbook to David Hale at dhale@awwa.org at AWWA once completed.

Contact AWWA research@awwa.org with any questions or technical issues.