Partnership for Safe Water Distribution

Distribution System Optimization Program

The Partnership for Safe Water’s distribution system optimization program provides resources and support to help utilities optimize distribution system operation and performance.

Subscribers who complete the Partnership’s comprehensive self-assessment process are recognized for their commitment to optimization and public health protection – strengthening trust with the communities they serve.

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How the Distribution System Optimization Program works

Distribution systems in the Partnership for Safe Water program demonstrate that they are continuously committed to optimization. All distribution systems that add a residual disinfectant and are interested in improving performance are invited to participate in the program.

The Distribution System Optimization Program is based on Four Distinct Phases:

Phase 1

Phase I: Commitment

Distribution systems commit to engaging staff in data collection, self-assessment and optimization.

Phase 2

Phase II: Baseline & Annual Data Collection

Systems collect disinfectant data for annual submission. The data is included in the Partnership for Safe Water Annual Report.

Phase 3

Phase III: Self-Assessment

The Phase III Self-Assessment Completion Report is required to receive the Directors Award. Learn how utilities prioritize and focus their report; and access the checklist to better understand report elements:

* Prior to beginning a Phase III self-assessment, please contact Partnership at partnership@awwa.org or call 303.347.6207

** Note about developing the self-assessment process and report: It is very important to note that Phase III is a process that focuses on active participation of as many utility staff as possible to conduct a thorough and candid self-assessment. The ultimate goal is identification of factors limiting optimal performance; and development of associated action plans to feasibly address these performance limiting factors in a timely fashion.

Phase 4

Phase IV: Optimized Performance

The Phase IV Excellence in Distribution System Optimization Award recognizes utilities that have achieved the highest level of optimization and are committed to continuous improvement.

Please review new award requirements for the Presidents and Excellence awards:

Reporting Data

Utility participants and award recipients are required to report data and information as part of their annual submission, as described under Phase II: Baseline & Annual Data Collection.