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M71 Climate Action Plans

The purpose of M71 Climate Action Plans is to provide a starting point for utility managers and planners tasked with climate change adaptation planning ...

AWWA Utility Benchmarking

Utility managers can use the data and analyses in this report to determine how their utility’s performance compares to the water or wastewater industry in....

M72 Knife Gate Valves

This manual presents the general practice for selection and installation of manual and automated knife gate valves for use in water and wastewater applications. Use this manual...

AWWA C670-20 Online Chlorine Analyzer Operation and Maintenance

This standard describes online chlorine analyzer operation and maintenance when the online chlorine...

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Standard Methods

Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater allows you to stay on the forefront of water quality. It is the latest and most comprehensive resource for water analysis. The publication includes almost 400 methods that have all been ratified by industry experts.


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Journal AWWA, Opflow, and AWWA Water Science provide timely information and research to help water professionals protect public health and provide safe water. AWWA members receive complimentary subscriptions to all three periodicals.