Standards Development Process

About AWWA's Standards Development Process

AWWA Standards represent a consensus of the water industry and are developed by following procedures defined by committees under the AWWA Standards Council and accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

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"Can We Get a List of AWWA Standards Approved Products?"
AWWA Standards are voluntary standards and AWWA does not test, certify or approve any products, services or companies. This AWWA Opflow article details the practices of AWWA regarding certification.

"How are Standards Developed?"  
This AWWA Opflow provides an overview of the process for developing AWWA Standards.

"How Can My Utility Benefit From AWWA Standards?"  
A plus for utilities using AWWA Standards was detailed in this Opflow article.

"AWWA Standards: Venerable, Vital"
This AWWA Streamlines article discusses AWWA standards, the oldest mainstay of the association.

"AWWA Standards Development: Balancing Innovation and Historical Practices"
A Recent AWWA July, 2015 Journal article expresses the need for ensurance that AWWA Standards cover accepted and proven technologies, while fostering the incorporation of new technologies and advances.


AWWA Standards: Credibility & Longevity