Consumer and Youth Education

Plain Talk About Drinking Water: Answers to Your Questions About the Water You Drink
James M. Symons 

Plain Talk provides easy-to-understand answers to over 230 common questions about water quality, treatment, distribution, rates, bottled water, home filtration, conservation, tastes and odors, regulations, and much more. It is ideal for consumers, libraries, and schools. It is also widely used by water utility customer service employees

The Truth About Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Your Water
Jack Hoffbuhr, PE, DEE

Help consumers understand pharmaceuticals and personal care products in the water supply. People are rightfully worried about how these chemicals might affect their health. This booklet tells how chemicals get into drinking water, the levels at which they are present, what risks they might pose, and what we can do about them

Taste at the Tap: A Consumer's Guide to Tap Water Flavor
Gary A. Burlingame

Tastes and odors are the leading cause of consumer complaints to water utilities. With this informative booklet, utilities can help their customers understand what can cause tastes and odors in tap water and why tastes and odors do not necessarily indicate a problem with the water.


Bill Stuffers

AWWA Consumer Bill Stuffers Are Economical and Educational

Economical, colorful, and informative, AWWA brochures make it easy to keep your customers in the know; about water conservation, water quality, the value of water, and other important topics. Professionally written and illustrated, they are sized to fit in envelopes. They are great for school handouts and utility lobby displays, too. 

Imprinting: Personalize your brochures with your utility’s name, address, phone number, and website address. The cost to imprint is $250 for the first 1,000 of the same brochure and $100 for each additional 1,000. Imprinting is free for orders of 50,000 or more of the same item. Specify printing instructions on the order form under ;Imprinting; Allow 4 to 8 weeks for delivery.

Free samples: Call Customer Service at 1.800.926.7337 or 303.794.7711 for free samples of any bill stuffer.      

Quantity discounts: All bill stuffers are sold in packs of 100. Prices shown are for quantities of 100 (one pack) to 1,000 (minimum order 100). Discounts for quantities over 1,000

Backflow Prevention Series Bill Stuffers 

Make Safe Drinking Water Your Business!
Aimed at businesses, this brochure explains the importance of backflow prevention and common causes of contamination from commerce and industry. Folded size 3½" x 93/8". 100 per pack. Requires #10 Envelope.
No. 70174 | AWWA Member $37 | Nonmember $52

Backflow Prevention is a Two-Way Proposition 
Teach homeowners how to recognize potential cross-connections and prevent backflow from contaminating their drinking water. Folded size 3½" x 93/8". 100 per pack. Requires #10 Envelope.
No. 70172 | AWWA Member $37 | Nonmember $52

Would You Drink That?
Everyone can play a role in preventing cross-connections, including kids. This fun brochure includes a maze challenge that emphasizes a one-way f ow. Folded size 3½" x 93/8". 100 per pack. Requires #10 Envelope
No. 70173 | AWWA Member $37 | Nonmember $52


Just for Kids


The Story of Drinking Water
The Store of Drinking Water is AWWA's most popular educational product for children. Kids learn about water on our planet, the water cycle, water sources, drinking water treatment and distribution, water conservation, weather, and ecosystems.

Booklet | Teacher and Activity Guide | DVD

Save 20% when you order the entire set! No. STORYSET

Water Wonderful
Children have fun learning about water with Water Wonderful: An Activity Book for Ages 5-8. The colorfully illustrated, 16-page book makes a great water utility handout for school visits and community events. Price shown for pack of 30. Minimum order one pack. 
No. 70162-2E | AWWA Member $17 | Nonmember $2

Water Fun for You Coloring Book
Sixteen pages filled with drinking-water-themed activities for younger children, including coloring pages, crossword puzzles, and word games. A great handout at schools and fairs. Printed on recycled paper. Price shown for pack of 30. Minimum order one pack. 
No. 70038 | AWWA Member $14 | Nonmember $23

DVDs for Kids

Where Does Water Come From? Where Does Water Go? DVD
Where does tap water come from? What happens to water after it goes down the drain? Why does water need to be cleaned before and after people use it? Kids learn all the answers in this entertaining video. Children watch how the earth recycles water using the hydrologic cycle. 
Follows National Science Foundation Guidelines for vocabulary, math, geography, and science. Two-part DVD, each part 10 minutes in length. Grades 3–6.
No. 64383 | AWWA Member $115 | Nonmember $169

Our Water Cycle DVD
All living things on earth need water, so why don't we run out of water? Fourth, fifth, and sixth graders learn all about how the earth recycles its water over and over in this new video. Grades 4–6.
No. 64303 | AWWA Member $45 | Nonmember $65


Sea Life Stickers
Dive under the deep blue sea with this colorful collection of kids’ stickers. Starfish, octopus, sea horse, clown fi sh, and other creatures of the deep offer clever “save our water” messages. 8 stickers. Size: 9" x 4". Requires #10 envelope. 100 per pack.
No. 70166 | AWWA Member $42 | Nonmember $57

Endangered Animal Stickers
Kids love animals—and they love stickers! Give them both with this fun collection including zebras, elephants, white tiger, tortoise, and other endangered species. Each animal dispenses water wisdom, like “Cool Cats Save Water” and “Seal Leaky Faucets.” 8 stickers. Size: 9" x 4". Requires #10 envelope. 100 per pack.
No. 70143 | AWWA Member $42 | Nonmember $57

Wild Animal Stickers
These stickers show a veritable zoo of bears, otters, tigers, hippos, and more. Each has a conservation message like “You otter save water!” 8 stickers. Size: 9" x 4". 100 per pack.
No. 70015 | AWWA Member $42 | Nonmember $57

How Water Works


How Water Works takes you deep inside the workings of city water and wastewater systems

How Water Works: An Interactive Tour CD-ROM
This interactive CD takes you on a complete, in-depth tour of the processes, equipment, and technology of a typical city water supply and wastewater treatment system. From the water source, through the treatment works, into the distribution system, out the taps, back down the drain, and through the collection system to the wastewater plant, you will learn all about modern water treatment right on your computer. It’s great for students and new utility employees.
No. 70144 | AWWA Member $75 | Nonmember $116

How Water Works Workbook
The ideal training companion to How Water Works: An Interactive Tour CD-ROM. The workbook contains all the individual images and explanatory copy found on the CD. Sold in packets of 12.
No. 70146 | AWWA Member $21 | Nonmember $32

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How Water Works Classroom Learning Kit

  • How Water Works: An Interactive Tour CD-ROM
  • Twelve How Water Works Workbooks
  • A Typical Water System: From Source to Tap and Back Poster
  • Conventional Water Treatment Processes Poster
  • Wastewater Treatment Protects the Environment Poster
  • Residential Water Use: An Inside Look Poster

No. HWWSET | AWWA Member $134 | Nonmember $206

How Water Works Posters

A Typical Water System: From Source to Tap and Back
The basic parts of a water system: source, treatment, distribution, collection, sewage treatment, and reuse. 36 in. x 24 in.
No. 70140 | AWWA Member $9 | Nonmember $14

Conventional Water Treatment Processes: Traditional Methods Stand the Test of Time
Coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, chlorine disinfection, and finished water storage. 36 in. x 24 in.
No. 70141 | AWWA Member $9 | Nonmember $14

Residential Water Use: An Inside Look
An intricate look at basic home plumbing. 36 in. x 24 in.
No. 70142 | AWWA Member $9 | Nonmember $14

Wastewater Treatment Protects the Environment
Municipal wastewater treatment system. 36 in. x 24 in.
No. 70150 | AWWA Member $9 | Nonmember $14

Quantity discounts available on all posters and workbooks.