Data Products

Make Data-Driven Decisions for Your Utility

AWWA data products provide utilities with critical water industry data to help make improved decisions. The data gathered to create these products comes from individuals. Data products are compiled regularly to help utilities improve both operational efficiency and managerial effectiveness.

Data Products



The AWWA Compensation Survey of Water and Wastewater Utilities provides data and analyses of salaries, salary ranges, and compensation practices in the water and wastewater utility industry. Make sound salary decisions with the support of comprehensive and relevant data from the latest surveys.



The AWWA Utility Benchmarking Program provides objective performance measures for utility leaders to track their own utility's performance and to compare their results to peers to identify areas of improvement.

The report provides benchmarking data for 58 key performance indicators.


Rate Survey

Setting water and wastewater rates are an important piece of utility management. Several factors are critical for utilities determining rates, such as utility revenue goals, rate structures of other utilities in the same geographic region, trends in utility rates within the industry. Get all the rate information you need from the latest surveys.