Legislative Activities

Greeting the New Administration

When a new presidential administration takes office, it offers an opportunity to take a fresh look at the priorities and challenges for the water community in federal policy. AWWA sent a letter to the incoming Biden Administration outlining these issues.

Greeting the New Congress

A new session of Congress is convening in 2021. Once they are sworn into office, contact information for new members and returning members should be easily accessible at the House and Senate websites. AWWA members are encouraged to send a short note of congratulations to newly elected members of Congress and to those who won re-election. An example template is available here.


Water Matters! Fly-In

Fly-In 2019

To protect public health during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the American Water Works Association’s (AWWA) Water Matters! Fly-In will be an online event in April 2021. Holding the event virtually will maintain the direct connection between AWWA members and their representatives and senators in U.S. Congress, while observing social distancing recommendations. AWWA is targeting the week of April 26 for our members to schedule virtual meetings with members of Congress. AWWA’s government affairs staff will provide delegates with issue briefs prior to the event. Information on registration will be sent out to section WUC chairs. Deadline to register is March 31st.   

Have additional Fly In Questions? Email us at Flyininfo@awwa.org