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Partnership for Safe/Clean Water Volunteer Opportunities

You are committed to developing a culture of excellence. You want to not only exceed regulatory compliance and foster public trust, but share that passion with other utilities across the nation. You are an engaged, motivated professional and community leader ready to take that engagement to the next level!

Does this sound like you? The Partnership for Safe and Clean Water needs your expertise. Help us improve operations, foster a community of excellence, and lead the way!

Volunteer Opportunities:

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available, to fit your time and expertise. Volunteers must be a utility member of the Partnership and understand the operations of a utility. Opportunities include reviewing utility self-assessments and action plans, and more.

Positions on the Program Effectiveness Assessment Committee (PEAC) can lead review teams and guide the direction of the Treatment/Distribution programs. Opportunities can range from reviewer, vice chair, review committee chairs, and chairs.

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