Committees on Teams

Onboarding to Committees on TEAMS

AWWA uses Microsoft Teams as the platform to collaborate and communicate within Committees. When you are added to a Committee, you will receive an email invitation like the following.

Sample TEAMS invitation:

Click the Open Microsoft Teams button in the email invitation and your default browser will open and look similar to the following:

If you already have Teams installed, click the Open Microsoft Teams button in the popup. You can install Teams by clicking the Download the Windows app button and if you prefer to use the web browser instead, you can click the Use the web app instead link. 

You will need to choose to open the TEAMS desktop application or the TEAMS web app. They are very similar in functionality and will both provide full access to your Committee Team.

Directions to open in the TEAMS Desktop Client Application

If the organization you work for has deployed Office 365 to your employees, then you probably have access to the TEAMS desktop client. After accepting the invitation, you can switch between your organization’s TEAM site and the AWWA hosted TEAM site with the dropdown menu to the left of your profile picture in your TEAMS client application, shown below. (see red circle)

Directions for TEAMS Web Client:

After clicking the Use the web app instead button above, you will be redirected to the TEAMS Client in your browser and it will show you a list of your current TEAMS sites. You can switch between your organizations TEAM sites and AWWA TEAM sites as circled below by clicking on the site you need.

An AWWA Staff advisor will provide you with the following:

  • Introduction on how the AWWA TEAM site will be utilized
  • Information relative to your role on the committee 
  • An explanation of Channels within the TEAM - their purpose and how they are set-up 
  • The importance and organization of the Files tab for storing content 
  • Any Microsoft Apps that have been added to the TEAM site and the use of those Apps

This document is intended to address the most common TEAMS workflows and may not accurately reflect your organization user experience. Please reach out to your AWWA contact if you have any questions.


What do I do if I am unable to access my Committee TEAM?

The first thing to try is logging out and logging back in to Microsoft TEAMS and then check to see if you are able to change to the American Water Works Association TEAMS site. If that does not work, check with your organization’s IT department to see if there are any settings that they need to change to allow you to participate in AWWA TEAMS. If you need further support after trying these, reach out to the AWWA staff advisor for your Committee.