Scholarship FAQ

Are there different types of scholarships offered? Are the requirements different between them?

Yes. We offer undergraduate, graduate, and research scholarships. The undergraduate and graduate scholarships are managed differently than the research scholarships and have a different review committee. 

The undergraduate and graduate scholarships each have their own application. The research scholarships have a single common application.

Do I need letters of recommendation for my application?

Yes. For the research scholarships, applicants can upload their letters of recommendation themselves. 

For undergraduate and graduate scholarships, applicants will provide contact information for who will write their letter of recommendation. Once the application is submitted, AWWA will reach out to the contact provided and request the letter of recommendation.

What are the important deadlines I should remember?

Scholarship applications must be submitted by December 21, 2020.

Letters of recommendation for the Graduate Research Scholarships (Wolman, Larson, and Singer) must be received by December 22, 2020.

Letters of recommendation for all other scholarships must be received by January 4, 2021. 

If I apply for more than one scholarship, is my professor/advisor/boss going to receive multiple requests for a letter of recommendation?

No. Unless you provide different contact information among applications, the letter will only be requested once and attached to all scholarship applications.

I started my application and can’t go back to finish it. The website says I can only nominate once per scholarship. How do I finish my application?

If you’ve started the application process in any way and did not submit it, your application was saved as a draft. You cannot access drafts the same way you initially started the application.

If you go to and click login in the top right corner, you’ll be asked to sign in with the same info you used to initially start the scholarship application.

After logging in, your name should be a link in the top right corner. Once you click that, there will be a column of links on the left. Under Membership & Participation, there is a link for My Nominations. If you click that link, it should show all current scholarship applications, both drafts and official submissions. You can continue draft applications here and check status of submitted applications once the review process begins.

I have a question that isn’t answered here or on the website. Who should I contact to get an answer?

We would be happy to assist applicants with any questions or issues that come up. You will receive the fastest response by sending an e-mail to