Scholarship FAQ

How do I log on to the application site?

AWWA utilizes a Single Sign On procedure for our website. Use the same login as you would to access If you do not have a login you will be prompted to create one the first time you login. If you have questions you may contact AWWA Customer Service at 800.926.7337 and request assistance with your AWWA login.

What is the preferred browser for the scholarship software?

Chrome works best.

Which scholarship should I be applying for?

Select your level of study for the following fall academic year. Once you complete the first page of the application form a list of scholarships you are eligible for will appear. You then select which one(s) you would like to apply for and fill out an application for each. Students are eligible to apply for multiple scholarships but may only receive one per year. Doctoral students may apply for both graduate level scholarships and Abel Wolman Fellowship.

I have started the application process but do not have all materials available to finish at this time. Do I need to start over?

You can click on save and then return at a later time to finish the process.

Can I make changes to their electronic application once it has been submitted as complete?

No changes or edits can be made once the application has been marked as complete by the student.

How do I know if my letters of recommendation/endorsement have been received?

Students can access their electronic application to view the submitted materials. It is the responsibility of the applicant to check their electronic application to insure all materials have been submitted. No materials will be accepted after the published deadline.

I haven’t completed the application, received all my recommendations, transcripts by the deadline. Can I submit the materials after the deadline and be consider for a scholarship?

No, once the published deadline has passed the electronic submissions will be closed. No materials will be accepted after this time. Only completed application forms will be considered by the judges.

Are students studying outside of the U.S. eligible for a fellowship, awards or scholarships?

Students must be enrolled at colleges or universities in the U.S., Canada, Guam, Mexico or Puerto Rico.

Is AWWA membership required to apply for this award or these scholarships?

No, however, applicants must create a login to keep information secure. Students who are not members receive a greatly discounted AWWA membership rate. Please visit for more information.

Is my field of study eligible / applicable?

It is the student's responsibility to review the specific scholarship criteria and make the determination of eligibility.

Are AWWA employees, employees of sponsoring organizations, or any of their immediate family members eligible to apply for the scholarships, awards, or fellowships?

AWWA employees and their immediate family members are not eligible to apply for any scholarships, awards or fellowships. Employees of sponsoring organizations and their immediate family members are not eligible to apply for their respective sponsored scholarship but are eligible for all other scholarships sponsored by other organizations.

When is my application due?

All application materials for the Abel Wolman Fellowship, graduate and undergraduate scholarship applications must be submitted by Friday, January 11, 2019, at 11:59 p.m. MST. No materials may be added to the electronic application after this date.

When will award recipients be notified?

Notifications to all applicants will be sent no later than April 15th of the award year.

Can I mail my scholarship application to AWWA?

No, only electronic submissions are accepted.