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Service provider membership is for consulting, professional services, manufacturing, distribution, construction or contract-operations firms.

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Stay Informed

Stay up-to-date with the latest water sector news and technical information.


Connect with Decision-Makers

Network with water professionals and thought leaders at local, regional and global events.


Access AWWA Standards

Ensure that you provide quality products and services to your customers with an AWWA Standards license – included with membership.

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"AWWA connects water industry members at all levels, including manufacturers, engineers, operators, customer service and finance professionals."

- Scott Richards, PE, Carollo Engineers, Orlando, Florida

Additional Membership Benefits for Your Staff

Your Service Provider membership includes individual benefits for select employees! You can designate members of your staff to receive individual benefits, including publications, section membership, voting rights and much more. The number of memberships you receive is based on the size of your organization. All employees receive discounted pricing for AWWA events and products.

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This membership is for government agencies, colleges, universities, libraries and industry associations.

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AWWA Standards

Implement best practices in infrastructure design and utility management with a complete set of AWWA Standards and a subscription to update


Publish and Present

Be a leader and share your research with the water community


Stay Current

Keep up with the latest water sector news and technical information.

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"I joined to be a part of the water professional network and learn more about the industry. The association offers valuable benefits to its members, discounts on specialized training opportunities and conference registration, and vital publications like Opflow and Journal"


- Marc Rosso | Senior Construction Engineer, City of Lincoln, Nebraska



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