Community Engineering Corps Excellence Award

AWWA Community Engineering Corps Excellence Award

2019 Winner

No winner this year

Award Criteria  

Purpose of the Award: To recognize and honor an individual, project team, or Section for their efforts in
advancing the Community Engineering Corps program locally or at the Association level.

The Award: Certificate

Frequency of the Award: Annually

Eligibility for the Award:

Any individual, project team, or Section whose efforts have made a positive impact on the progress of the Community Engineering Corps program. This may include, but is not limited to increasing program exposure, engaging volunteers, or communicating opportunities to potential partner communities.

Entry Requirements: Submit full name and address and a summary of the nominee's contribution to the CECorps program on the entry form provided.

Nomination Procedures: A nomination for the award may be submitted by an individual, Section or the Executive Committee to the AWWA Award Committee staff contact for consideration.

Nomination or Submission Deadline: October 1st

Award Committee Membership: The Community Engineering Corps Advisory Committee shall serve as the award committee. In the event that an Advisory Committee member has been nominated for the award, the nominee shall abstain from the selection process.

Method of Selecting Award Recipient: The Award Committee shall select by electronic ballot a recipient from the list of potential candidates and submit the name of the selected person to the Board of Directors for approval at its winter meeting.

Presentation of the Award: The award will be presented at the American Water Works
Association event or venue deemed most appropriate.