Total Water Solutions

As the water sector faces increasing water quality and availability challenges, an integrated view must be taken of how to address water, the world’s most valuable resource. 

AWWA has the information and experts to help you effectively and efficiently manage all waters – and where they intersect with drinking water. AWWA is your source for Total Water Solutions, an integrated approach to water.


2020 State of the Water Industry Report

Seeds of Change

AWWA CEO David LaFrance reviews how Total Water Solutions has grown. 

Read his Journal AWWA article.


Integrated Solutions for Water 

  • Source Water Protection – Explore resources to collaborate with key stakeholders for source water protection 
  • Membrane Process & Technology – Access membrane technology resources for drinking water treatment, potable reuse, and desalination applications
  • Distribution System Water Quality – Find critical information about distribution system infrastructure, operation & maintenance, and water quality
  • Wastewater – Access AWWA’s wastewater resources, including Manuals of Practice, Standards, the Partnership for Clean Water, and events
  • Potable Reuse – Explore resources for this rapidly growing alternative water supply, including the new G485 Direct Potable Reuse Program Operation and Management Standard
  • Sustainability – Find information and best practices to create a sustainable water utility 
  • Emergency Preparedness - Learn from expert water professionals how to protect your utility and realize the benefits of WARN 
  • Innovation – Access AWWA resources and strategies that encourage collaboration and advance innovation