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More Effective Training With Video Streaming 

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Video-on-demand streaming is the solution to effective and professional utility training. It’s easy to train anywhere, anytime. These high-resolution videos provide comprehensive and engaging training on a large selection of topics. All of the video content that your organization needs to train its employees is quick and easy to access through streaming.



Train Your Entire Staff More Efficiently Than Before

Get access to more than 120 videos and train your entire staff for a low cost. New releases will be added regularly to expand your value.

Train Your Entire Staff

Access Videos on Any Device

Access Videos and Watch on Any Device

Retire your DVD player and access Safety First videos on any laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Create, Save, and Share Custom Video Playlists

You can create a collection of videos specific to your facility’s needs allowing you the ability to completely customize your training program.

Create Custom Playlists

Videos Include Quizzes

Test Your Employees' Knowledge with Quizzes

Some videos are accompanied with a supplementary quiz to test your employees’ learning.

Channels Available on Streaming

Safety First

The Safety First channel includes 120+ videos covering 10 hours of safety-focused content for utility professionals.

Strengthen the skills of your employees and encourage an atmosphere of safety in your organization. Topics include safety practices and protocol for utility hazards and the workplace, personal protective equipment and more.   


Available in 2020, the WSO Channel will include 200+ videos covering certification and training content for operators.

Strengthen the practices and procedures of your operator employees. Topics include disinfection, coagulation, filtration, pumps, water loss control, maintaining distribution and storage systems and more.   




Answers to Your Streaming Questions

Are there additional materials (e.g. worksheets) that come with streaming?

Yes, most of the videos correspond to a training quiz that you can utilize.

Do I have to call you to order?

No, you can purchase a subscription to streaming through our online store.

Can I present the videos to a room of people I'm training?

Yes, your subscription allows you to present these videos to other individuals within your organization.

Is there a limit to how many times I can watch a video?

No, you can watch each video as many times as needed while you have a subscription.

Are safety videos the only videos I can access through streaming?

Yes, currently Safety First videos are the only AWWA videos available through streaming. A WSO channel with operator training videos will be available next year.

If someone leaves our organization can we transfer our subscription to someone else?

No, currently subscriptions are individual subscriptions and they are non-transferrable.