Resilience TAG Program

Strengthen Resiliency Efforts with Next Generation Training & Technology Solutions

As essential businesses, there’s no greater time for water utilities to build the resilience they need to ensure continuous operations of their critical infrastructure. Join Isle Utilities and AWWA for an exploration and evaluation of the emerging technologies that can get you there. 

Focused on the resilience topics of emergency preparedness/response, cybersecurity, asset management and infrastructure, this three-part series is your opportunity to review cultivated solutions through live demonstrations and networking with top technology providers.

This program is designed to facilitate compliance with provisions of America’s Water Infrastructure Act (AWIA). Participants who complete the three-part series will also receive the AWWA Risk & Resilience Certificate.

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Registration Note: Attendance to this program is only available to utilities.

Each full-day workshop pairs expert instruction on risk and resilience in the morning with an afternoon of peer-to-peer sharing, networking opportunities, and the presentation of proven technology solutions to address resilience challenges, through Isle’s TAG forum.  Workshop size is limited to promote interaction among participants.

Workshop Schedule

Resilience TAG Workshop 1: All-Hazards Emergency Response
August 18, 2020 | Virtual Event

Resilience TAG Workshop 2: Cybersecurity
November 2020 | Virtual Event

Resilience TAG Program 3: Risk & Resilience Management*
February 23, 2021 | Atlanta, GA
Co-located with AWWA/WEF Utility Management Conference

Registration Information

Price includes registration to all three (3) workshops, for two (2) individuals from each organization. The same two individuals attend all three workshops. Full-conference admission to The Utility Management Conference for both individuals is also included. Additional individuals may attend the TAG program for an additional fee. 

 2020 Registration Rates

TAG Program  - includes two individuals for all three workshops 



Each additional individual (over two)



About Isle Utilities

Isle is a leading global consultancy specialized in technology and innovative best practices with a mission to accelerate innovation in the water sector. Isle does this by supporting end users to identify, evaluate and implement emerging technologies and by establishing collaborative forums for knowledge exchange between peers. AWWA is partnering with Isle to deliver tools, best practices, and presentations of these technology solutions to our audience. To learn more about Isle, visit:

About TAG

TAG is a technology and innovation forum for water utilities, where leaders in engineering, operations, and research get together to review the industry’s latest emerging solutions that have been independently vetted and curated their specific priorities.

*In the event this program cannot be held in-person, we will be switching to a virtual platform around this same date.

Program Description

This three-part Resilience TAG (Technology Approval Group) workshop series will consist of two program components: the Certificate program, which will provide a foundation in the sound risk and resilience management strategies that facilitate compliance with AWIA, and the technology component, which will feature independently vetted and curated solutions for each workshop theme. Please see descriptions and workshop themes below. 

Risk & Resilience Certificate Program

Kevin Morley, PhD, Manager – Federal Relations, AWWA

The Risk & Resilience Certificate Program portion of each workshop provides a foundation for supporting water utilities in the development of an all-hazards approach to risk and resilience management.  The certificate program is based on several AWWA standards and associated resources (G430, G440, J100, and Cybersecurity Guidance) that facilitate compliance with provisions of America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 (AWIA), including the completion of a risk and resilience assessment and emergency response plan. Participants who attend each of the three-part series will receive the AWWA Risk & Resilience Certificate. 

Resilience Technology Workshops 

Cristina Ahmadpour, President Isle Utilities (Americas)
Brittany Burch, Senior Program Manager, Isle Utilities

The technology component of the Resilience TAG program features novel solutions that have been independently vetted and curated to the theme of each meeting. Selected solution providers will present a technical summary, demonstration where applicable, and highlight the business case for their solution.
The combined training, peer exchange, and introduction to innovative solutions will give attendees a pragmatic foundation on which to strengthen resilience efforts at their organizations as well as complement AWIA compliance plans.

Workshop 1: “All-Hazards Emergency Response”

This course equips water and wastewater utilities to apply these standards along with industry best practice to develop an emergency preparedness program and Emergency Response Plan (ERP) which will improve resiliency, reduce risk and comply with AWIA's emergency plan requirement. Upon completion, participants should be able to manage the development of their organization's ERP or effectively coordinate ERP development work by an outside party. 

Technology Focus:

  • Emergency Response & Management
  • Incident Response & Management

Workshop 2: “Cybersecurity”

After an introduction defining the AWIA requirements for community water systems and identifying standards and resources designed to improve resilience and manage risks, this workshop will focus on cybersecurity, with a focus on identifying and mitigating risks, and implementing and maintaining best practices in an increasingly digitized water sector environment.  This session will provide the knowledge and skills needed to recognize gaps in cybersecurity coverage, help a utility take action to manage cybersecurity risks, and use the AWWA Water Sector Cybersecurity Risk Management tool.   

Technology Focus:

  • Real time monitoring solutions (water quality, energy, treatment operations)
  • Dashboarding and data integration 

Workshop 3: “Risk & Resilience Management”

This workshop will provide participants with an introduction to the J100 Standard for Risk and Resilience Management of Water and Wastewater Systems and other resources used to improve utility resilience.  Participants will learn about completing a risk and resilience assessment, following the framework provided in J100, along with the expected outcomes and how they may be applied to lower risk, enhance resilience and support AWIA requirements.  Attention is given to identifying critical assets, selecting appropriate threats and hazards, developing a manageable list of Threat – Asset Pairs, and calculating consequence, vulnerability, and threat likelihood to develop risk values.  Participants will learn how to develop a phased implementation plan that prioritizes risk mitigation activities and balances their implementation with budgetary constraints - with a look ahead to longer-term planning and strategic asset management strategies to support AWIA’s 5-year submission cycle.

Technology Focus:

  • Likelihood of failure (LOF) and consequence of failure (COF) driven solutions
  • Short-term/longer-term step-change infrastructure solutions for system/operational resilience


Submit Your Technology Solutions For Presentation

Technology providers offering compelling and innovative solutions in the space of all-hazards emergency preparedness, cyber security, and risk & resilience management including asset management and green infrastructure, are invited to submit a summary for presentation at our program. 
Selected solution-providers will be invited to present at a workshop for an audience of water utility professionals. Solutions will be evaluated based on their ability to address workshop themes, articulate solution performance, and provide a competitive business case. 

The deadline to be considered is July 17, 2020.  

Areas of Technology Needed

All- Hazards Emergency Response

  • Emergency Response & Management
  • Incident Response & Management


  • Real time monitoring solutions (water quality, energy, treatment operations)
  • Dashboarding and data integration 

Risk & Resilience Management

  • Likelihood of failure (LOF) and consequence of failure (COF) driven solutions
  • Short-term/longer-term step-change infrastructure solutions for system/operational resilience


For questions regarding registration, lodging or general conference questions, please contact the Conferences and Events Group.