IT Forum

Technology is providing utilities with the tools to create a better world, through better water. Many water and wastewater utilities are exploring how to best use technology, and find themselves looking for guidance and awareness of what their peers have achieved, and where the industry is headed. 

The IT Forum is here to assist utilities by connecting them with their local peers, and providing education and understanding of new technology trends in the water sector. Attendees will hear from subject matter experts on current technology topics & trends, and then have the opportunity to discuss these topics with local IT water professionals.

Key Topics

  • Cybersecurity in Water Utilities including Scada Systems
  • Risks and Rewards of Using Cloud-based SAAS, IAAS and IOT.
  • Challenges Managing Data Governance
  • Challenges Managing Advanced Metering Infrastructure
  • IT Reporting Structure


  • IT Professionals working in the Water Sector
  • Consultants who provide IT services to water and wastewater utilities
  • IT Managers, and those who find themselves managing IT functions
  • Influencers of IT related decisions
  • Water utilities
  • Wastewater and collection system utilities
  • Stormwater utilities
  • Utility managers

Future dates are under development - check back for updates