Sponsored Webinars

Sponsor a webinar OR create your own!



Your company provides: 

  • Your choice of one to three expert speakers 
  • PowerPoint presentation developed on your company template for additional branding exposure 
  • Additional promotion on your website and to your customers 

AWWA provides 

  • Complimentary registration to attendees 
  • Targeted AWWA audience, including professionals from every area of the water sector 
  • Technical staff for topic selection assistance 
  • Marketing of the webinar 
  • Half-page ad in the Journal- American Water Works Association or Opflow 
  • Webinar delivery logistics; including timeline development, platform training and rehearsal time 
  • Mail and email addresses of attendees for one-time use* 
  • Archive of your webinar for 30 days 
  • Skyscraper banner on the webcast home page for 30 days prior to webinar 
  • Webinar name, company logo, date and registration link highlighted on webinar page 
  • Thank you email sent to attendees after the webinar 

*Excluded from the mailing list are those customers who viewed the webcast in a group setting, The mailing list will be provided upon receipt of a signed List Agreement Form that allows for one-time use for either mail or email addresses. 

Note on CEUs. Viewers who wish to apply to their state/province licensing agency for continuing education credit will receive a blank roster and CEU certificate. AWWA recommends that your customers contact their licensing agency at least 30 days in advance of attending any training to learn about its relevancy criteria and rules. The licensing agency will be able to outline what type of CEUs can be submitted for approval and the steps required to earn AWWA CEUs. 

Learn more about CE Credits. 

Lead time. A three-month lead time is preferred, but a minimum two-month delivery lead time is required. Hot topics can be delivered in a two-month time frame. We recommend that the webinar be 60 to 90 minutes in length, including a Q & A session. 

  • AWWA reserves the right to accept or decline any webinar proposal. 
  • The objective of all webinars is to deliver technical information for the benefit of water industry professionals. 
  • AWWA has the right to review the webinar content to determine suitability for its members and to coordinate scheduling. 
  • AWWA also offers multiple webinars or a webinar series. Acceptance and scheduling will depend on the content, target audience, and possible conflict with other webinars. 



Includes the opportunity to sponsor 20 AWWA Webinars in 2016. Sponsors will receive: 

  • Their logo on the awwa.org webinar page 
  • Their logo on emails promoting upcoming webinars 
  • Attendee contact information for one-time use 
  • Social Media postings thanking our sponsors 

Contact your territory sales manager to learn more (see Contacts Tab above).