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FREE Webinar from SL Environmental Law Group: How to Shift Drinking Water Treatment Costs From Ratepayers to Polluters

Thursday, June 11, 2020 @ 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Water systems throughout California are facing the challenges posed by man-made contaminants such as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances ("PFAS") and 1,2,3-trichloropropane ("TCP") in their drinking water supplies.  The state recently set notification levels for two widely found forms of PFAS, PFOS and PFOA, at 6.5 ppt and 5.1 ppt, respectively, and has been issuing orders to systems to test for these and other PFAS compounds, in anticipation of setting a maximum contaminant level.  For TCP, the state set a maximum contaminant level at 5 ppt, effective January 2018, but more than 100 systems remain out of compliance. Treating for these contaminants typically requires specialized systems that cost millions of dollars to install and maintain for each contaminated well.

This webinar will help those responsible for running water systems, and advising those who do, understand their rights to shift these treatment costs to the manufacturers whose defective products caused the contamination, using the legal doctrine of products liability.  Learn More.