Sponsored Webinars


Exclusive Sponsored Webinar Email Sponsored Webinar (Exclusive): $13,000

Reach a targeted, highly engaged AWWA audience, including professionals from every part of the water sector. Customers have been averaging 393 registrants per webinar. Includes complimentary registration for attendees, and access to AWWA technical staff for topic selection assistance.


  • Targeted AWWA audience, including professionals from every area of the water sector
  • Complimentary registration for attendees
  • Technical staff for topic selection assistance
  • Webinar delivery logistics, including timeline development, platform training, and rehearsal time
  • Mail and email addresses of attendees for one-time use*
  • Archive of your webinar for 30 days
  • MP4 file of your webinar
  • Webinar name, company logo, date and registration link highlighted on webinar page

Marketing of your webinar includes:

  • Half-page ad in Journal AWWA or Opflow
  • Cross-promotional banners on AWWA website
  • Three exclusive emails to a targeted audience
  • Social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

Branded Webinar Series: $9,500 Annual

Sponsor an entire series of AWWA webinars: minimum of 15 webinars for 2022. Topics and titles will be developed in late 2021, to be timely and relevant for 2022 delivery. You will receive webinar registrant contact information for one-time use* for each webinar in the series. Customers have been averaging 82 contacts per webinar.

Marketing for your branded webinar series includes:

  • Your logo on the awwa.org webinar page
  • Your logo on more than 30 emails promoting upcoming webinars throughout the year
  • Your logo on each webinar presentation handout
  • Your logo featured on sponsors slide during the live webinar
  • Your company acknowledged verbally by the moderator during every webinar
  • For registrants unable to attend the live webinar, an archived version is made available for 30 days, further extending the reach of your logo and company name.

*Excluded from the mailing list are those customers who viewed the webcast in a group setting. The mailing list will be provided upon receipt of a signed List Agreement Form that allows for one-time use for either mail or email addresses.

East and Southeastern United States, Asia, Australia, Canada, and South America

Pam Fithian 
d - 303.347.6138
c - 720.315.5407
f - 303.795.1989
Email Pam

Midwest and Western United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, Israel, and Mexico

Donna Walstrom
d - 303.734.3601
c - 720.829.7851 
f - 303.795.1989 
Email Donna