Sponsored Webinars


Exclusive Sponsored Webinar Email Exclusive Sponsored Webinar

  • Targeted AWWA audience, including professionals from every area of the water sector
  • Complimentary registration for attendees
  • Technical staff for topic selection assistance
  • Marketing of the webinar including:
    • Half-page ad in Journal AWWA or Opflow
    • Cross-promotional banners on AWWA website
    • Three exclusive emails to a targeted audience
    • Social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Webinar delivery logistics, including timeline development, platform training, and rehearsal time
  • Mail and email addresses of attendees for one-time use*
  • Archive of your webinar for 30 days
  • Webinar name, company logo, date and registration link highlighted on webinar page

AWWA Webinar Branding

  • Sponsor 15 AWWA webinarsYour logo on the awwa.org webinar page
  • Your logo on more than 35 emails promoting upcoming webinars
  • Your logo on webinar presentation handout
  • Attendee contact information for onetime use*, for each webinar

*Excluded from the mailing list are those customers who viewed the webcast in a group setting. The mailing list will be provided upon receipt of a signed List Agreement Form that allows for one-time use for either mail or email addresses.


Contact Your Territory Sales Manager

East and Southeastern United States, Asia, Australia, Canada, and South America

Pam Fithian 
d - 303.347.6138
c - 720.315.5407
f - 303.795.1989
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Midwest and Western United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, Israel, and Mexico

Nancy Mortvedt
d - 303.734.3442
c - 303.947.3895 
f - 303.795.1989 
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