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Journal-AWWA_coverJournal AWWA is the voice of the association and serves as a forum for thought leaders in the industry, focusing on issues affecting municipal drinking water, wastewater, and water reuse. The primary audience for Journal AWWA is managers and executives with content focused on transformative ideas that can be applied in real-world situations.

Journal AWWA By the Numbers

  • 79% of readers are involved in the initiation, recommendation, specification, approval, or purchase of water industry products or services.*
  • 22,928 subscribers self-identify as water/wastewater professionals.**
  • 34,894 qualified circulation**
  • 30,198 receive Journal AWWA as a member benefit.**
  • 97,703 monthly reach*
  • 64% of decision makers read Journal AWWA at least once a month.***
  • 37% discussed an ad/article with someone else in the company.*
  • 46% visited an advertiser’s website.*
  • 67% of Journal AWWA readers have taken action based on advertising.*
  • 59% view companies that advertise in Journal AWWA as supporters of AWWA’s mission.*

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*November 2018 AdImpact, Signet Research, Inc.
**June 2019 BPA
***June 2016 Readership Survey


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2020 Journal AWWA Editorial Calendar

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 Order Deadline
 (Noon MST)

 Materials Deadline
 (Noon MST)

 Special Feature

 Additional Distrubution




 Reuse and Biological Treatment

 International Symposium
 on Potable Reuse

 International Symposium
 on Biological Treatment




 Infrastructure and Finance

 AWWA/WEF The Utility
 Management Conference™




 Regulations and Leadership

 Membrane Technology 
 Conference & Exposition

 Sustainable Water 
 Management Conference




 Inorganic and Emerging Contaminants

 International Symposium
 on Inorganics




 Treatment and Distribution





 Utility Research/AP Black Award Winner Spotlight



 5/22/20, Noon MT


 Supplies and Sustainability



 6/19/20, Noon MT


 Communication and Innovation 

 AWWA/WEF Transformative
 Issues Symposium


 7/24/20, Noon MT


 Engineering and Construction



 8/21/20, Noon MT


 Smart/Intelligent Water

 Water Infrastructure 
 Conference & Exposition

 AWWA/SWAN International
 Smart Water Symposium


 9/25/20, Noon MT


 Water Quality and Technology

 Water Quality Technology 
 Conference® & Exposition


 10/23/20, Noon MT


 Water and Energy



Issue topics are subject to article availability and the discretion of the editor and do not define the entire issue. Every issue carries articles of general interest and broader scope than its specific topics.

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“Journal AWWA is very useful in my job in helping me keep up on technology, regulatory issues, and management strategies. I look forward to seeing the next Journal every month.”
Management Professional,
Public Water Supply—Municipally Owned

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  • All elements must be high-resolution (300 ppi). Ink density 300%
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General Guidelines

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