Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Is your brand looking to engage on a deeper level with your target audience? Sharing relevant and cutting-edge content is the best way to deliver value to your relationship with water professionals. AWWA offers unique and highly customizable solutions for marrying your message with AWWA content to help you educate and build key relationships.

Infographic Sponsorship, $10,000

Infographic Sponsorship, $10,000 Infographics use visually compelling communication to present complex information and key facts while maintaining your audience’s attention. Choose a Journal AWWA or Opflow article, or when you select your water industry topic we’ll help you find the right article. Then, let AWWA create an infographic for you to present to your audience; both digital and print formats available.


Key Features

  • Leverage AWWA content to your advantage.
  • Custom designed and branded with your logo
  • Exclusive ownership of topic for one year
  • QR code link available

Essential Knowledge Briefings Sponsorship, $15,000

Reinforce your brand’s expertise in the water market by sponsoring an Essential Knowledge Briefing (EKB) in your niche! AWWA’s sphere of influence will help generate leads, reinforce your brand’s expertise, drive your web traffic, and increase your brand visibility. EKBs deliver concise overviews of trending topics to water and wastewater professionals.


Key Features

  • Succinct guide provides in-depth information to engage your audience.
  • Timely content on latest trends enable readers to make informed decisions.
  • Industry topics resonate with specialized audiences.
  • Mobile-enabled for convenience
  • Sponsorship packages include:
    • Exclusive ownership of EKB topic for one year
    • Qualified lead generation from users
    • Visibility on Wiley’s EKB website:
    • Branded content in digital format (print copies available)
  • Engage target audiences with:
    • Videos, animations, audio content, and images
    • Live chat and opportunities to give feedback
    • Social media sharing


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