Requests for Proposals

Water Loss Control Program Workshop

AWWA is seeking bids for content on the major components of an effective Water Loss Control Program, targeted for the needs of small systems, with an emphasis on systems that serve under 2,500. Content will be used in workshops funded by USDA to help small systems build awareness of water loss and introduce them to the concept of developing and implementing a Water Loss Control Program based on the AWWA manual M36 Water Audits and Loss Control Programs, Fourth Edition.

Proposals are due January 18, 2019

Please submit completed forms to Mandy Alford


2019 Technical and Educational Council (TEC) Projects 

Roadmap for a Next-Generation Non-revenue Water Information Management and Assessment System ($40,000)

This project represents a continuation of the progress achieved in the 2018 TEC project, “Assessment of Performance Indicators for Non-revenue Water Target-setting and Progress Tracking.” The 2018 TEC project is identifying an enhanced group of performance indicators that will supersede dated indicators and advance utility water loss control efforts. As phase 2, the 2019 project will incorporate refinement of the technical basis developed in the 2018 project for the analytics capabilities to be included within the roadmap for the “Next Generation” system. In addition, this project will develop the framework for an enhanced Non-revenue water (NRW) target-setting and performance tracking information system.

Proposals are due February 4, 2019

Please submit proposals to Alex Gerling

ATP & Coliform Analysis Comparison for Infrastructure Release for Service ($50,000)

This project is intended as a preliminary study to determine if an adenosine triphosphate (ATP) analysis is a suitable risk assessment analysis for operational guidance that may be used as an alternate method for releasing newly installed water mains for service, releasing mains for service after breaks, and releasing treated water storage reservoirs for service after cleaning, disinfection, and/or maintenance.

Proposals are due February 11, 2019

Please submit proposals to Alex Gerling