Water Wonderful

A Universal Challenge

In India, it has been a challenge to universally provide safe drinking water and sanitation facilities. According to the National Family Health Survey, as cited in a 2011 study:*

  • 88% of the total population of the country had access to an improved source of drinking water, and only 85% in rural areas.
  • 45% had latrines within their households, and only 26% in rural areas—of this only 18% of households had latrines with a water closet.

Additionally, inadequate use of water and sanitation facilities, open defecation, and poor hygiene practices have prevented good quality water and clean sanitation , which would reduce the incidence of diseases and increase productivity and improve quality of life.


The best way to break bad practices is to cultivate good practices, childhood is the best time for that as children are receptive to all influences. Providing education in schools about sanitation and hygiene is key to effecting last change because of the role children play in absorbing and popularizing new ideas and concepts.

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J Glob Infect Dis. 2010 May–Aug; 2(2):109–111. doi: 10.4103/0974-777X.62882

Water Wonderful as a Tool for Education

At the 2017 AWWA India Conference and Exhibition, we debuted a new tool for educating children about water knowledge and practices. In collaboration with the AWWA India Board, a Hindi version of Water Wonder (Adhbhut Pani)

This new illustrated workbook called Water Wonderful, uses simple wording in Hindi, childlike illustrations and interactive sections that enhance a child’s creativity. The book is written in international English and Hindi and is intended to teach children between 5 and 8 years of age the importance of preserving water and ways of using it in their day-to-day lives. Features:

  • 10 activities help children explore the wonderful world of water, including word games, a maze and a water-use diary.
  • 16 pages of colorful illustrations support the many engaging activities so children can explore water basics such as the water cycle, water’s role in weather, water use in the home, and water and sanitation.
  • International perspectives and hands-on activities make this an excellent complement to any school’s education program.
  • It teaches children early about important water-related topics: water is life, water science, water conservation, weather, the water cycle, water scarcity, water distribution, and safe and healthy water.

Further Information

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities or wish to purchase copies of Water Wonderful for direct community impact please contact our Sr. Manager International Programs