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Water is crucial to the world’s human and environmental existence. The global water challenges organizations, professionals, leaders and scientists to unite and share knowledge and expertise. AWWA members hail from many countries and as the largest water association in the world we aim to drive the exchange of knowledge for improving the practice, elevating the standards and advancing the cause of safe and clean water.


Fostering innovation through our services and activities contributes to the improvement of water management worldwide. Our conferences, workshops, publications, online resources for water professionals provide best practices to the water sector at large. By working with partner agencies and organizations world-wide AWWA wants to provide our international members an avenue to influence and shape the discussion on global water issues.

Contact: Sr. Manager International Programs.

Free webinar: Desalination in India

There are more than 20,000 desalination plants operating across more than 150 countries in the world that generates fresh water for human consumption, agricultural and industrial uses from sea water. The cost of desalination has been dropping as well as the energy usage has been decreasing with advances in technology. 

Therefore, desalination is considered to be an option in water stressed regions of the world. The desalination of water is achieved through multiple technologies. The most common methods are ion exchange and membrane processes such as electro dialysis reversal (EDR); reverse osmosis (RO) and Nano-filtration (NF). 

This webinar will discuss the current trends in desalination; importance of pre-treatment prior to EDR, RO or NF and designing low energy RO systems.

Learning Objectives:

  • Current trends in Desalination 
  • Desalination market opportunities in India 
  • Importance of pretreatment 
  • Design on low energy RO systems for desalination

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A free webinar on desalination is being planned in July 2021.


The mission of the AWWA International Council is to develop and coordinate AWWA's international policies and activities, actively promoting AWWA participation in the global drinking water community, representing the interests of the international members in the governance of AWWA, and stimulating participation of international members and organizations within the Association.

Council Committees

Programming Committee

The group works with AWWA's Annual Conference and Exposition and additional conference program committees to help develop international sessions. The committee also is a liaison to the Technical & Educational Council for the development of international materials.

Relationship Managers Committee

They manage formal international relationships between AWWA and other associations and agencies by being the point of contact for AWWA and by working with and through AWWA staff. Currently, the International Council has Relationship Managers for Australia, Germany, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, Singapore and United Kingdom.

If you wish to be considered for an International Council position, please complete and submit the Volunteer Application.

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AWWA is involved in activities that foster a global perspective for members and all water industry professionals. We regularly partner with agencies, associations, governmental organizations, and experts to create opportunities to share innovations, best practices and information.

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CEO Update

March 1, 2021

Dear AWWAIndia Members and Water Professional Colleagues:

AWWAIndia has undergone a remarkable evolution in the past five years as AWWA and AWWAIndia have pursued our vision of A Better World Through Better Water. Similarly, AWWA and AWWAIndia had to make adjustments during the unpredictable time in 2020. One of the most profound realizations during this time has been the richer understanding of—and deeper commitment to—providing value and services to the members and water professional colleagues in India. In 2021, AWWA remains devoted to supporting safe and sufficient water, as well as educational sessions for water professionals located in India. 

Ongoing, our goal is that AWWA, AWWA staff, India water professionals and AWWAIndia board members work together as a cohesive, purposeful team, with an extreme focus on water colleagues and their needs. As promised, AWWAIndia will have renewed emphasis on webinars and trainings. 

Taking place on March 24, 2021 at 6pm IST is a free webinar Water Reuse in India that is designed for the water professionals in India and across the globe to connect with the world’s renowned speakers: 
1.    Dr. Joe Jacangelo, Vice President and Director of Research, Stantec and an adjunct faculty member at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public health and Incoming President-Elect, AWWA.
2.    Mr. Douglas Brown, PE, Vice President, CDM Smith.
3.    Dr. Uday G. Kelkar, Managing Director, NJS Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.
4.    Moderator: Nilaksh Kothari, Managing Director of AWWAIndia, Past President of AWWA, and Past CEO, Manitowoc Public Utilities (MPU), Wisconsin, USA.

Additional webinars and resources can be found on the Water Reuse webinar page and OpflowIndia, a quarterly periodical that highlights best practices and educational opportunities, as well as AWWA products, membership registration and renewal information.

AWWAIndia will continue to progressively adapt its strategies, operations and culture to protect public health with safe water in India. I am honored and thankful Mr. Nilaksh Kothari, Past President of AWWA and long-time utility general manager, has agreed to continue overseeing the AWWAIndia technical programs. The AWWA and AWWAIndia teams will work with Mr. Kothari to continue delivering innovative and outstanding trainings and workshops today and into the future. At the AWWA headquarters, Rebecca Wheeler, working in coordination with Mr. Kothari, will provide assistance and support for AWWAIndia efforts. Rebecca can be contacted at For more information regarding AWWAIndia, please visit:

Again, thank you for your support and dedication. I trust you can each support these activities, including positioning AWWAIndia as a true educational partner to the water professionals of India. Your investment into AWWAIndia helps all water professionals. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you, 

David LaFrance, CEO



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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, were adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

Goal 6 is focused on ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. To learn more about this goal and 17 goals visit the United Nations Website.