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Work Begins on Revisions of 38 ANSI/AWWA Standards

The AWWA Standards Program announces work to begin on revisions of the ANSI/AWWA standards listed below. Most of these standards were approved and published in 2018. This notice is to announce the intent to have the responsible AWWA Standards Committees begin the revision process in order to complete the revised editions within the five-year revision cycle set by the AWWA Standards Council and the American National Standards Institute.

This public notice affords interest parties the opportunity to provide comments for consideration or to otherwise become involved in the revision process. The list of standards designations, titles and staff liaisons appear below. For more information of the process, please contact the staff liaison assigned to the standard of interest. Click on the link to email that liaison.

Staff liaisons are:
Paul Olson, Sr. Manager of Standards
•    Nathan Edman
•    Frank Kurtz
•    Tim McCandless
•    Emily Meek
•    Stephanie Passarelli
•    Liz Ralph
Work will begin on the following Standards:

Std. # Title Staff Engineer
B130-XX Membrane Bioreactor Systems McCandless
B201-XX Soda Ash Edman
B301-XX Liquid Chlorine Edman
B303-XX Sodium Chlorite Edman
B304-XX Liquid Oxygen for Ozone Generation for Water, Wastewater, and Reclaimed Water Systems Ralph
B402-XX Ferrous Sulfate Edman
B407-XX Liquid Ferric Chloride Edman
B408-XX Liquid Polyaluminum Chloride Edman
B504-XX Monosodium Phosphate, Anhydrous and Liquid Edman
B505-XX Disodium Phosphate, Anhydrous Edman
B506-XX Zinc Orthophosphate Edman
B510-XX Carbon Dioxide Edman
B604-XX Granular Activated Carbon McCandless
B605-XX Reactivation of Granular Activated Carbon McCandless
B701-XX Sodium Fluoride Edman
B702-XX Sodium Fluorosilicate Edman
C105/A21.5-XX Polyethylene Encasement for Ductile-Iron Pipe Systems Passarelli
C205-XX Cement-Mortar Protective Lining and Coating for Steel Water Pipe - 4 In. (100 mm) and Larger - Shop Applied Ralph
C207-XX Steel Pipe Flanges for Waterworks Service, Sizes 4 In. Through 144 In. (100 mm Through 3,600 mm) Ralph
C221-XX Fabricated Steel Mechanical Slip-Type Expansion Joints Ralph
C222-XX Polyurethane Coatings and Linings for Steel Water Pipe and Fittings Ralph
C305-XX CFRP Renewal and Strengthening of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) Kurtz
C502-XX Dry-Barrel Fire Hydrants Meek
C503-XX Wet-Barrel Fire Hydrants Meek
C507-XX Ball Valves, 6 In. Through 60 In. (150 mm Through 1,500 mm) McCandless
C518-XX Double-Disc Swing-Check Valves for Waterworks Service, 2-in. Through 48-in. (50-mm Through 1,200 mm)  Meek
C519-XX High-Performance Waterworks Butterfly Valves - 3 In. (75 mm) Through 60 In. (1,500 mm) McCandless
C521-XX Plastic Ball Valves McCandless
C621-XX Internal Pipe Joint Seal Assemblies for Water Service Meek
C655-XX Field Dechlorination Meek
C715-XX Cold-Water Meters - Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic Type, and Revenue Applications Kurtz
D110-XX Wire- and Strand-Wound, Circular, Prestressed Concrete Water Tanks Kurtz
D115-XX Tendon-Prestressed Concrete Water Tanks Kurtz
E200-XX Progressive Cavity Chemical Metering Pumps McCandless
F120-XX Ozone Systems for Water Ralph
G400-XX Utility Management System Passarelli
G410-XX Business Practices for Operation and Management Passarelli
G485-XX Direct Potable Reuse Program Operation and Management Passarelli