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Renowned AWWA journal updated for easier reading

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) is unveiling an updated look this month for its flagship publication that has served as the voice of the water sector since 1914.

The newly-named Journal AWWA, formerly called Journal - American Water Works Association, has been re-designed to be more readable, easier to use, and more visually Journal - American Water Works Associationappealing.

“It was important for us to elevate the work of water industry leaders through an enhanced design aesthetic, easy access to key information, and an updated content mix,” said Zsolt Silberer, AWWA’s director of publishing.

New features in the print and online editions of Journal AWWA are designed to provide quicker and easier scanning, including larger photographs, a two-column format, information charts and tables, and more white space.

Journal AWWA will continue to be one of the primary means for the Association to communicate current water issues as well as their potential solutions,” stated Ken Mercer, the journal’s editor-in-chief.

Journal AWWA“It provides a valuable forum for thought and practice leaders in the water sector,” he added. “The entire sector benefits from the free flow of information, and the cycle of continuous improvement in the water industry relies on the continuous dissemination of new knowledge and research.”

At the beginning of 2019, AWWA introduced a new online research journal, AWWA Water Science. The continuously published journal features peer-reviewed content focusing on the fundamental principles and innovations to water works and water supplies.

At that time, Journal AWWA transitioned to water-related content including feature articles, columns and news. AWWA’s third periodical, Opflow, features new and established technologies in water and wastewater operations.