| New AWWA resources offer PFAS updates on research, drinking water evaluation and treatment
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New AWWA resources offer PFAS updates on research, drinking water evaluation and treatment

AWWA PFAS resourcesAWWA has released three new resources about per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) to support water systems’ information needs and ability to educate the public and policy makers about issues related to PFAS in drinking water.  

PFAS are a large group of synthetic compounds used in a variety of industrial and consumer product applications, including non-stick cookware and firefighting foams. The detection of these compounds in source water and drinking water is of increasing public concern due to their widespread use and environmental persistence.

AWWA’s new comprehensive resources, which are free to Association members and available online, expand on other AWWA PFAS fact sheets. They were developed in collaboration with technical experts and volunteers.

The new resources are:

  • Drinking Water Treatment for PFAS Selection Guide, which supports water systems in making drinking water treatment decisions regarding PFAS. These compounds are expensive to analyze and challenging to remove from water. The guide reviews proven treatment technologies, discusses technical questions important to selecting technology, and reviews how to develop and organize data needed in decision-making.
  • Source Water Evaluation Guide for PFAS, which is designed to help communities evaluate their water supply for PFAS contamination, identify potential sources of contamination and consider potential actions that may be appropriate for their use in identifying and managing PFAS in drinking water.
  • Summary of Toxicological Research for PFAS, which provides an overview of major state, federal and international PFAS research programs and risk assessments to inform drinking water utilities about the current state of PFAS toxicology.

Chris Moody“We encourage interested members to access the latest science about PFAS in these comprehensive new resources,” said Chris Moody (pictured right), AWWA’s regulatory technical manager. “PFAS have made their way into the environment for decades and are a growing challenge for communities and water systems across North America and internationally.”

More information and resources are available on AWWA’s PFAS resource page.