| New AWWA certificate program covers meeting mastery
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New AWWA certificate program covers meeting mastery

Imagine the amount of time, energy and expense you could save if every professional meeting you participated in was productive and engaging.

Meeting illustrationAs a step closer to making that dream a reality, the American Water Works Association (AWWA) is launching a new, online certificate program to help water professionals conduct effective meetings that deliver results.

The program, Facilitation Fundamentals for Public Service Leaders, was developed in response to AWWA member requests for additional management skills training. The training addresses individual or group meetings with staff and clients, in person or online.

“Bad meetings are a waste of time for everyone – the participants, the facilitator and the organization,” said Laurie Dougherty, a certified trainer and facilitator who served as executive director of AWWA’s Illinois Section for 28 years.

Drawing on her professional experience and expertise in adult learning theory, including an instructional designer certificate from Rollins College in Florida, Dougherty (pictured below) collaborated with AWWA to create the self-paced eLearning course.

Laurie Dougherty“Anyone can plan and execute an effective meeting with the right knowledge and tools,” she added. “When meetings are done right, you can meet less and get more done.”

The certificate program includes four separate, self-paced online modules that can be taken in any order and contain evaluations, knowledge checks and handouts. The modules include:

  • Situational facilitation and leadership
  • Facilitation methods
  • Planning and managing the meeting
  • Virtual meeting tips and tricks

“Elearning is a quick and effective way, particularly in today’s work-from-home environment, to build knowledge and skills that can benefit an entire organization,” said Chad Weikel, AWWA’s manager of education and workforce. “This course is a great complement to some of our more technical content and is useful to anyone within AWWA and our partner organizations.”