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Lead and Corrosion Control Resources Available through AWWA & USEPA

The events that have occurred in Flint, Michigan over the past few years have prompted many drinking water utilities to review and revisit their corrosion control practices, in both the water treatment plant and distribution system.  While internal corrosion control remains an integral component of the Partnership for Safe Water's Distribution System Optimization Program, as one of the Performance Improvement Variables considered as part of the self-assessment process, utilities should also be aware of the numerous resources available to support corrosion control optimization. 

One of these resources is AWWA's Lead Resource Community.  The Lead Resource Community combines a wide variety of lead and corrosion control resources in a single, easily accessible web page.   On the page, readers will find insights on corrosion control and other lead management issues, the latest legislative and regulatory developments, and public outreach tools to help utilities communicate with consumers and other key stakeholders.  The Lead Resource Community is one of several Resource Communities managed by AWWA.  Other Resource Communities include Asset Management, Cyanotoxins, Groundwater, Legionella, Reuse, Small Systems, Source Water Protection, Water Loss Control - and more!  While the Lead Resource Community is accessible to all website viewers, an AWWA login may be required to access some Resource Community content.  Creating AWWA website login credentials is free and provides visitors with access to login-only content.

The USEPA website also provides resources and information about the Lead and Copper Rule and related topics on the Lead and Copper Rule website.  The site describes the Lead and Copper Rule's history, the revisions that are currently under consideration, and provides resources, including the Optimal Corrosion Control Treatment Document.  This document, published in March 2016, provides technical recommendations for Lead and Copper Rule compliance, outlines strategies for corrosion control treatment, and provides information about evaluating the effectiveness of a corrosion control strategy.  

Utilities are encouraged to visit these sites to access many recently released lead and corrosion control resources.  As with any regulatory parameter, utilities are encouraged to contact their local primacy agency with any specific questions regarding corrosion control treatment, Lead and Copper Rule compliance, or if they are considering making changes to their existing treatment practices.