| ‘Imagine a Day Without Water’ takes on added meaning in 2020
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‘Imagine a Day Without Water’ takes on added meaning in 2020

This year’s recognition of “Imagine a Day Without Water” on Oct. 21 takes on special meaning in light of the critical role that safe and dependable water and sanitation have played over the past months in tackling the public health risks from the COVID-19 pandemic.

No Water No HygieneAlong with other essential workers, “water heroes” around the world have made innovative adjustments and sacrifices to keep water flowing by supporting water delivery and treatment systems.

The annual event, launched six years ago by the Value of Water Campaign, is an opportunity to raise awareness and educate consumers and leaders about the importance of maintaining and investing in the water systems in their communities.

Among the nearly 200 organizations participating are AWWA and many of its sections, members and partners. Planned activities include virtual events, resolutions, student contests and more.

“So many utilities in North America have paused shut-offs and truly worked with customers struggling to pay bills throughout the pandemic,” said Melissa Elliott, AWWA president. “It’s the right thing to do, but it’s also vital for public health protection. I know the people who are being helped right now are thankful they don’t have to worry about access to safe water in a time of crisis.

“Who hasn’t felt the heightened sense of anxiety if you’ve been out of your home shopping or in a place of business?” she added. “You can’t help but feel like you need to wash your hands. We’ve always known how essential we are to our communities and to public health, but this year the public knows it too.”

No Water No ShowerAWWA has produced social media graphics and messages celebrating “Imagine a Day Without Water” that members and sections are encouraged to share on their own platforms. These resources highlight the theme of “No Water” and remind consumers that no water would result in “no hygiene”, “no shower” and “no flush.”

The Association will post this content on its social media platforms on Oct. 21 so AWWA members and partners can easily share the images and messages with their own followers.

Members can also sign up as an “Imagine a Day Without Water” participant and take advantage of the resources from the Value of Water Campaign.