| ‘Imagine a Day Without Water’ a valuable reminder
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‘Imagine a Day Without Water’ a valuable reminder

Water professionals, utilities and communities are shining a spotlight this month on the value of reliable water and wastewater services as they celebrate “Imagine a Day Without Water” on Oct. 23.

Now in its fifth year, “Imagine a Day Without Water” was established by the Value of Water Campaign, of which the American Water Works Association (AWWA) is a founding Imagine a Day Without Watermember. The campaign’s purpose is to raise awareness and educate consumers and community leaders about the importance of water and its treatment and delivery systems -- and the challenges facing the sector.

“‘Imagine a Day Without Water’ is an opportunity for all citizens to pause and reflect upon our responsibility to respect and protect water, the world’s most important resource,” said Jim Williams, AWWA President. “Providing safe and plentiful water supplies demands significant resources, technical expertise and managerial skill.”

AWWA is providing social media images and suggested posts for members and Sections to share on their platforms to use in celebration of “Imagine a Day Without Water.” These resources highlight the theme of “No Water” and remind consumers that no water would result in no shower, no coffee -- even no wags.

“I love this campaign because it is the one day that we encourage those outside the water sector to hit pause and really marvel at the wonder that is high-quality, safe drinking water that flows on demand from the tap,” said Melissa Elliott, AWWA President-Elect.

No Water No Wag“We’ve benefited from investments in research and infrastructure made long ago that still provide this resource, but continued investments are sorely needed,” she added. “Our economy, our society, and our lifestyles would be incredibly different if we had to think about access to safe water every minute of every day.”

The Association will post this content on its social media platforms on Oct. 23 so AWWA members and others can easily share those images and messages with their own followers.

Members can also sign up as an "Imagine a Day Without Water" participants and take advantage of the resources from the Value of Water Campaign.