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AWWA Statement on Perchlorate

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) is committed to both public health protection and sound scientific process. AWWA agrees with EPA’s conclusion that perchlorate should not be addressed through a national drinking water regulation. The Agency’s decision is consistent with AWWA’s own analyses over the past two decades, most recently articulated in our Aug. 26, 2019 comments.

In making its announcement, EPA noted that substantial progress has been made in states with significant perchlorate occurrence. This is good news.

The Safe Drinking Water Act sets forth three criteria for regulation: the contaminant may have an adverse effect on the health of persons; it occurs in public water systems frequently and at levels of public health concern; and national regulation presents a meaningful opportunity for health risk reduction for people served by public water systems. These criteria are critical. They help assure that limited community resources are spent on the regulations that provide the greatest risk reduction.

AWWA will continue to share information with utilities to assist them in managing risks from perchlorate and other contaminants that may occur in public water supplies.

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