| AWWA salutes members creating better world through better water
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AWWA salutes members creating better world through better water

Cheers to you, the dedicated members of the American Water Works Association. Together, you create a better world through better water. (Pictured in video, Greg Ramon, chief executive officer, Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority)

Greg Ramon, Little Rock Water Reclamation This month, as we celebrate AWWA Member Appreciation, we’re proud to recognize the significant ways in which you contribute to your community’s health and safety, share your expertise for the advancement of the water sector, and volunteer your time to continue AWWA’s 138-year legacy of supporting Total Water Solutions for effective water management.

You represent the water sector’s best work in science and technology, education, public information, government affairs and standards. You enable each of AWWA’s 43 sections to create opportunities to exchange ideas and information, advance new products and services, network, and improve water utility operation, management and design.

AWWA members, thank you for your role in delivering and treating safe, clean water for your community and for working together to accomplish what none of us can do alone.