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AWWA publications receive national recognition

The American Water Works Association’s (AWWA) publications, Opflow and Journal AWWA, recently received national awards recognizing excellence in publishing.

AWWA's Opflow and Journal AWWA periodicalsThe annual APEX Awards, hosted by Communications Concepts, are based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content, and the ability to achieve overall communications excellence.

This year, Opflow earned an Award of Excellence for a series celebrating 75 years of water fluoridation published in the June, August, October and December 2020 issues. This is a repeat award for Opflow, which also received an award for magazine series in 2019 and 2020.

Journal AWWA was also presented an Award of Excellence for articles describing water utilities’ responses to COVID-19 published in the August, September and December 2020 issues. Last year, Journal AWWA received an Award of Excellence for its 2019 redesign.

Brent AlspachBrent Alspach (pictured right), director of applied research in the water division at Arcadis, is a member of the Opflow and Journal AWWA advisory boards.

“The exchange of topical and timely information is absolutely essential for the water supply and treatment industry, which is charged with protecting public health while adroitly adapting to a complex myriad of challenging and continuously evolving issues,” he said.  

“Both Journal AWWA and Opflow are critical components of this exchange, enabling the AWWA and its members to leverage a highly trusted and expertly curated forum for important knowledge dissemination,” he added. “The 2021 APEX awards conferred on both publications are well-deserved acknowledgements of their value and success in fulfilling this mission.”

AWWA has published on the science and technology of water for more than 100 years. Journal AWWA, Opflow and AWWA Water Science provide timely information and research to help water professionals protect public health and provide safe water.