| AWWA launches on-demand video streaming platform with "Safety First" channel
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AWWA launches on-demand video streaming platform with "Safety First" channel

The American Water Works Association (AWWA), today announced the launch of an on-demand video streaming platform. Viewers can watch high-resolution videos, organized based on content and subject matter, at their convenience.

The first channel to launch under this new platform is “Safety First,” so viewers can access 120 videos spanning 10 hours related to utility safety training. This set of videos can strengthen employees’ skills and encourage a safe work culture.

“Employee safety is major concern at water utilities, and the “Safety First” channel provides an easy way for trainers to access expert-vetted AWWA video content to complement safety talks and tailgates,” said Tony Petrites, AWWA's product manager.

The “Safety First” channel is available through a yearly subscription on AWWA’s Video Streaming webpage or in AWWA’s Store. Once purchased, customers can visit video.awwa.org to access the video content.

AWWA will expand its video content by adding more channels to its streaming platform in the future.

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