| AWWA communicates water priorities to incoming U.S. government leaders
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AWWA communicates water priorities to incoming U.S. government leaders

The American Water Works Association this week sent a letter to U.S. President-Elect Joe Biden highlighting challenges facing the water sector and proposing recommendations for investment and actions. (See a short interview about the letter with Tommy Holmes, who directs AWWA’s legislative programs).

AWWA's Greg Kail and Tommy HolmesIn addition, AWWA and partner organizations sent a letter to U.S. Congressional leaders and members urging the passage of COVID-19 relief legislation.

Both documents outlined recommendations and actions including:

  • Financial assistance for low-income customers struggling to pay water bills
  • Funding for local water utilities to rebound from lost revenues and invest in critical infrastructure
  • Caution in implementing broad water service disconnection moratoriums
  • Full authorized funding in 2021 for the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) and the state revolving loan fund (SRF) programs
  • Protection for drinking water sources
  • Research on water contaminants

In the Nov. 13 letter to President-Elect Biden, AWWA President Melissa Elliott stated, “You will take office during a critical moment in U.S. history, and we are confident your commitment to research and science will serve you well.”

“The infrastructure our members maintain is the foundation on which our country’s communities are built,” she added. “That infrastructure – and our members – need your help.”

The Nov. 16 letter to Congress stated, “Local water utilities have successfully provided the public with essential drinking water, sanitation service, and water recycling during the coronavirus pandemic.” It was jointly signed by AWWA and partner organizations Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies, National Association of Clean Water Agencies, National Rural Water Association, Water Environment Federation and WateReuse Association.