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AWWA COMMENT PERIOD ON THE REVISIONS TO AWWA C214 – Machine-Applied Polyolefin Tape Coatings for Steel Water Pipe

September 18, 2020

AWWA solicits public comments on all proposed new AWWA Standards, and on all proposed revisions, reaffirmations, or withdrawals of existing AWWA Standards. The referenced standards project is being considered for approval and the publication of this notice begins the 45-day public comment period for AWWA and ANSI. An electronic public review copy of the proposed standard can be obtained for review during the comment period by emailing ETS Support

Comments must be submitted in writing to the AWWA contact listed below no later than the last day of the comment period specified herein. Such comments shall be specific to the section(s) of the standard under review and include sufficient detail so as to enable the reader to understand the commenter's position, concerns and suggested alternative language, if appropriate.

AWWA Comment Period closes on November 2, 2020

Send comments to:
Liz Ralph
303.347.6177 phone
303.795.7603 fax 

The review copy will be edited for publication and may also be revised as appropriate based on any comments received during the public comment period. Therefore, this copy is not suitable for continued utilization and is intended only for comment purposes. Final publication of the standard may take several months. When it is available, a notice will be published in the official notice section of Journal - American Water Works Association. The standard becomes an effective AWWA standard on the first day of the month following such publication in Journal - American Water Works Association

This standard describes the materials and application of prefabricated polyolefin tape coating systems in coating plants at fixed sites using coating techniques and equipment as recommended by the tape coating manufacturer. 

Major revisions made to the standard in this edition include the following: 

1. The title of the standard was modified to better differentiate it from AWWA C209 Tape Coatings for Steel Water Pipe and Fittings.
2. References in Section 2 were updated.
3. The definitions for applicator and potable water were added in Sec. 3 and the definition for constructor was deleted since it was replaced by applicator throughout the standard.
4. Section 4 Headings were revised to be consistent with AWWA standardized wording and headings.
5. Sec. 4.1 Equipment was revised to be consistent with the updated wording in other steel pipe coating standards.
6. Sec. 4.2 Materials and Workmanship was revised to be consistent with the updated wording in other steel pipe coating standards and sections on safety and personnel were added.
7. Table 1 Physical Properties of 100 Percent Solids Liquid Adhesive was removed and the information on the 100 percent solids liquid adhesive in Sec. 4.3.1 and Sec. was deleted. There is not currently a 100 percent solids liquid adhesive commercially available.
8. Sec., Sec. and Table 6- Dimensions of inner layer and outer layer tape were deleted. Recommended tape width chart did not take into account variables that determine proper tape width usage. Proper tape width should be determined by applicator based on equipment being used and actual pipe dimensions.
9. Sec. 4.4 Surface preparation was revised to establish consistent language between similar AWWA steel pipe coating standards and redundant language that is already included in the referenced SSPC standards was removed.
10. The reference to a visual comparative standard (old Sec. was removed since it is discussed in the referenced SSPC SP-6. This change is part of an effort to remove duplicative language in coatings standards that is already included in referenced standards.
11. In Sec. the minimum outer layer tape temperature was increased to 90°F to be compliant with product manufacturer’s guidelines.
12. Sec. 4.6 Coating Fittings and Specials was added.
13. Sec. 4.8 Field Joints – Welded and Non-welded was revised.
14. Sec. 4.9 Field Procedures was expanded on to cover items not included in AWWA C604.
15. The numbering and format of Section 5.2 was modified to be consistent with other AWWA steel pipe coating standards.
16. In Sec. 5.2 Prequalification Requirements of Coating System, some of the language and requirements related to testing was modified to be consistent with the other steel pipe coating standards, especially regarding water vapor transmission, water absorption, and impact resistance. In addition, a reference was added to a number of the tests to more accurately specify the acceptable coating test thicknesses.
17. Sec. 5.5.2 Electrical continuity testing was revised.
18. A new Sec. Small pipe considerations was added for testing of smaller diameter pipes.
19. In Sec. Frequency of testing a sentence was added to address changes in the machine set-up.
20. Sec. 6.3 Affidavit of Compliance was modified to include an affidavit for workmanship. Similar language has been added to other AWWA steel pipe coating and lining standards.