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AWWA Comment Period on ANSI/AWWA C653 Standard for Disinfection of Water Treatment Plants

The AWWA Standards Council has approved revisions to this standard for public comment. The publication of this information on the AWWA website begins the 30-day AWWA comment period for action on standards by the Standards Council. Purchase a review copy during the comment period for $20 each.

The AWWA Comment Period is now closed.

Send comments to:
Paul Olson
303.347.6178 phone
303.795.7603 fax

The review copy will be edited for publication and may also be revised as appropriate based on any comments received during the public comment period. Therefore, this copy is not suitable for continued utilization and is intended only for comment purposes.

Final publication of the standard may take several months. When it is available, a notice will be published in the official notice section of Journal – American Water Works Association. The standard becomes an effective AWWA standard on the first day of the month following such publication in Journal – American Water Works Association.

This standard describes chlorination materials, procedures, and requirements for disinfection of new treatment facilities and existing water treatment facilities temporarily taken out of service for cleaning, inspection, maintenance, painting, repair, or any other activity or event that might lead to contamination of water. Typically, this standard applies to treatment components including filter basins, filter media, clearwells, pump suction wells, and all associated piping and appurtenances located downstream from the filter influent or from the first point of application of disinfectant in the treatment process. The disinfection method employed is surface contact with a high-strength chlorine solution for a specific time period. The absence of total coliform bacteria in addition to the use of proper disinfection practices is confirmation that the disinfection process has been accomplished in compliance with the standard.

Major changes made to the standard in this revision include the following:
1. The special issues section of the foreword has been updated to include a note to the user on the effect of pH and temperature on the disinfection process, as well as a note on consideration of alternative disinfectants. (Foreword Section II)
2. Definitions for available chlorine, free chlorine, chlorine residual, contractor, liquid chlorine, and purchaser have been added. (Section 3)
3. A requirement for compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act has been added. (Section 4)
4. Additional clarification and guidance on water treatment plant components requiring disinfection has been added. (Sec. 4.2)
5. Reference to AWWA B301 for Liquid Chlorine and AWWA B300 for Hypochlorites has been added. (Sec. 4.3)
6. An advisory note on using appropriate personal protective equipment when handling chlorine products has been added. (Sec. 4.3)
7. An advisory note on perchlorate formation in hypochlorites has been added. (Sec. 4.3.2)
8. Reference to ANSI/AWWA C655 for field dechlorination practices has been added. (Sec.
9. An advisory note on testing a disinfected facility not immediately returned to service has been added. (Sec. 5.1)
10. Appendix A on Disposal of Heavily Chlorinated Water has been removed. This information is now covered in more detail in ANSI/AWWA C655, Field Dechlorination.