| ANSI/AWWA C228-XX - Stainless-Steel Pipe Flange Joints for Water Service - Sizes 2 In. Through 72 In. (50 mm Through 1,800 mm)
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ANSI/AWWA C228-XX - Stainless-Steel Pipe Flange Joints for Water Service - Sizes 2 In. Through 72 In. (50 mm Through 1,800 mm)

AWWA solicits public comments on all proposed new AWWA Standards, and on all proposed revisions, reaffirmations, or withdrawals of existing AWWA Standards. The referenced standards project is being considered for approval and the publication of this notice begins the 45-day public comment period for AWWA and ANSI. 

An electronic public review copy of the proposed standard can be obtained for review during the comment period by emailing etssupport@awwa.org. Comments must be submitted in writing to the AWWA contact listed below no later than the last day of the comment period specified herein. Such comments shall be specific to the section(s) of the standard under review and include sufficient detail so as to enable the reader to understand the commenter's position, concerns and suggested alternative language, if appropriate.

AWWA Comment Period closed on 12/10/18.

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The review copy will be edited for publication and may also be revised as appropriate based on any comments received during the public comment period. Therefore, this copy is not suitable for continued utilization and is intended only for comment purposes.

Final publication of the standard may take several months. When it is available, a notice will be published in the official notice section of Journal - American Water Works Association. The standard becomes an effective AWWA standard on the first day of the month following such publication in Journal - American Water Works Association. 

This standard describes stainless-steel ring-type slip-on flanges and blind flanges for use in conjunction with stainless-steel pipe used in facilities of waterworks service.

Major revisions made to the standard in this edition include the following:

  1. An advisory statement was added in the Foreword (Sec. II.B) regarding chlorine and choramine degradation of elastomers.
  2. In Sec. 1.3.2 Pressure limits, the recommended transient pressure was changed from 125 percent of working pressure to 150 percent of working pressure to be consistent with AWWA C207 limits.
  3. The definitions in Sec 3 for design pressure, field test pressure and transient pressure were revised for clarity and for consistency with the definitions in AWWA Manual M11 and the definition for potable water was added.
  4. In Sec. Minimum strength, Item 3 on dual-certified stainless steels was revised for clarity.
  5. In Sec 4.1.4. Fasteners, second paragraph, the bolt lengths were changed from “plus 1/8 in.” to “plus ¼ in.” to better reflect field conditions and a sentence on washer use was added.
  6. Sec 4.1.5 Gaskets was revised. The term rubber was replaced with elastomeric; the reference to ASTM D1330 was removed; the maximum gasket seating stress for compressed fiber was revised; and a requirement for gaskets used for electrical isolation was added. 
  7. Table 1 was updated; the option of rubber gaskets for Class SB and SD flanges larger than 24 in. (600 mm) was deleted because of concerns of over compressing the gasket; the term rubber was replaced with elastomeric; and Note 2 regarding insulation/isolation requirements was revised and the information was moved to Sec 4.1.5. 
  8. The maximum pressure (test or transient) allowed was revised from 125% to 150% of working pressure in Tables 2, 3 and 4.
  9. The term Ra roughness average and a reference to ASME B46.1 was added to Sec 4.2.2 Facing, for clarity. 
  10. A sentence was added to Sec 4.2.3 to Drilling to require the use of washers for oversized bolt holes.
  11. In Sec. 4.2.4, Item 2, the term “100 percent” was added to clarify that radiographic or ultrasonic testing is 100% required for all welds. 
  12. Sec 4.3.1 Welding, was revised to reflect changes in figure 1 where “t” has been revised to “Tf” and “Ty” was added for the pipe cylinder thickness to clarify that for 1/4 in. (6.4 mm) wall or smaller the weld size cannot be smaller than the cylinder wall. 
  13. variable designations in Fig. 1 Attachment of flange, were revised to reflect the changes made in Sec. 4.3.1. 
  14. In sec 4.3.4 a sentence was added indicating negative draft or layback is not permitted. 
  15. A new fig. 3 was added to illustrate negative draft or layback