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Aeration Systems Committee

AWWA is looking for PRODUCERS and USER volunteers for the Aeration Systems Committee.
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AWWA Staff Contact:
Paul Olson, PE
Phone: 303.347.6178
Fax: 303.795.7603

Mission:  to develop and maintain standards and related manuals, reports, etc., including AWWA Standard CFBD-XX Fine Bubble Diffusers for Water and Wastewater Service which will define requirements for fine bubble diffusers used for water and wastewater service, including material, design, inspection, testing, and handling.

Committee Work: AWWA CFBD-XX, Fine Bubble Diffusers for Water and Wastewater Service

Application process: Positions are reviewed and approved by the committee chair or other designee

AWWA membership: In general, not required

Travel: Not required; most committee activities are conducted by conference calls and emails; meetings are held at the AWWA Annual Conference, but attendance is not mandatory

Term: 3 years (reappointment for additional terms available)

Time commitment: 2-4 hours per month

Description: Although the Association employs a staff to handle the administrative details of the organization, it is through committee work that its basic objectives are attained.

Committees are organized under the Board of Directors, councils and divisions and are composed of those best qualified to address the issues and needs considered vital to the Association. The committee chair is selected for his or her special interest in and knowledge of the subject at hand. Committee members are chosen for their special knowledge as well as for their representation of an interested segment of the profession.

Committees shall strive to maintain a balance of members from the primary interest categories. The criteria for balance are that no single interest category constitutes a majority of the membership of a consensus body and the number of producer members on a committee shall not exceed one third of the total membership of the committee.

Committee member’s interest categories shall be classified by the Standards Council in accordance with the business interest of their employers or, in the case of an individual member, in accordance with the member’s interest. Committee members shall be classified as Producer, User, or General Interest.

Producer (P): those predominantly responsible for the production and/or sale of the material, product, system or service that falls within the scope of work of the committee in question. Producer members shall either have (a) a manufacturing facility located in North America; or (b) an existing partnership and/or distribution or manufacturer representation agreement with a company located in North America.
User (U): those predominantly responsible for or interested in the use of the material, product, system or service that falls within the scope of work of the committee in question.
General Interest (GI): those who have interest other than the above (consultants, regulators, academics, etc.).