AWWA News Feeds

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a time-saving way to receive news and information updates from your favorite websites and blogs. AWWA RSS feeds can be used strictly for personal viewing or they can be displayed on a wesbite, subject to the Terms of Use.

Simply click any of the following links to subscribe (be sure to enter the name of the selected feed):

Terms of Use

AWWA RSS feeds are offered free and for noncommercial use only. Individuals may subscribe for personal use. Website owners may display the feeds, exactly as received, with no modifications or additions of text, images or advertising. Noncommercial use means AWWA feeds cannot be used for monetary gain, such as to help sell products or advertising.

AWWA feeds displayed on a website must attribute AWWA as the source and must link each feed item directly to the source document on the AWWA website.

AWWA retains all copyright to the feed content, which may not be reused in any manner different from that indicated above without written permission.