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The Drought Resource Community is intended to keep the water industry in the know about tools, issues and developments related to drought and water shortages. If you have any questions or updates to share, please submit them to AWWA.

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Drought essentials

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Response and contingency plans


  • USEPA's Climate Ready Water Utilities (CRWU) initiative provides resources to help the water sector adapt to climate change impacts, including drought. 
    • CRWU's Adaptation Strategies Guide (PDF, 8.9 MB) provides information on regionalized climate change impacts and associated adaptation  options. There is a section dedicated to drought information including projected changes of frequency and duration of intense droughts. It lists adaptation options for drinking water and wastewater utilities to respond to drought.
    • Climate Resilience Evaluation and Awareness Tool (CREAT) software translates the climate change science into actionable information for drinking water, wastewater and storm water systems. It allows systems to determine whether drought might be a concern based on their location, to identify specific assets that could be impaired as a result of drought, and provides users with a series of risk reduction and cost reports to evaluate various adaptation options as part of long-term planning.
    • CRWU Toolbox is a searchable web database with about 600 water and climate-related resources, with more than 300 drought-related resources.

Volunteer groups

Water and Wastewater Agency Response Network logo

The Water and Wastewater Agency Response Network is a network of utilities helping other utilities respond to and recover from emergencies. The purpose of a WARN is to provide a method where water/wastewater utilities can provide and receive emergency aid and assistance in the form of personnel, equipment, materials and other associated services as necessary from other water/wastewater utilities.

Events calendar

Introduction to Wastewater Treatment
October 08, 2015 / Milwaukee

Identification of Tidal Wetland Plants
October 08, 2015 / Tuckerton, NJ

Water Harvesting Systems and Application
October 16, 2015 / Milwaukee

Methodology for Delineating Wetlands
October 20, 2015 / Basking Ridge, NJ

Introduction to Wetland Identification
October 21, 2015 / Basking Ridge, NJ

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