Preparing a system to operate sustainably allows utilities to optimize processes in terms of environmental impact, social aspects, as well as economics.  The following resources provide guidance for utilities in implementing sustainable principles across these three dimensions

Access the Current Sustainable Infrastructure Practices Report

A 2014 survey was conducted to determine the sustainable infrastructure practices of North American water and wastewater utilities. The survey results and findings gained from 130 responding utilities are documented in this informative report, along with two case studies highlighting the practices of a water utility and a wastewater utility. Learn how utilities responded to questions about drivers, technologies, tools, metrics, and influencing factors.

NSF International and AWWA Launch New Sustainability Standard for Water Treatment Chemicals

AWWA is a supporting partner on a new NSF International standard, NSF/AWWA/ANSI 416: Sustainability Assessment for Water Treatment Chemical Products. This standard supports sustainability initiatives in the water treatment chemical industry including the production and use of more sustainable treatment chemical products. Manufacturers and distributors (including repackagers and relabelers) of water treatment chemicals now have a framework for measuring and reducing the environmental impacts of their products, providing more sustainable purchase options to municipal water treatment facilities and industrial and consumer users of treatment chemicals. Additional Information on the new standard can be found at the following links:

Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure

Envision Rating System

In today's environment, the conditions and constraints under which utilities must perform are increasingly challenging. Demands for water and energy resources continue to climb, making conservation and the use of alternatives a design requirement. Envision was created to meet these 21th century demands for infrastructure. It is intended to encourage improvements in the performance and resiliency of physical infrastructure across the full economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainability.

Global Reporting Initiative

Sustainability Reporting

The Global Reporting Initiative promotes the development and use of Sustainability Reports as a way for organizations to become more sustainable. Sustainability Reporting can be conducted at a variety of levels through various degrees of assessment. GRI provides guidance on all aspects of reporting such that the customizable process is meaningful and valuable for each organization. Search the GRI database for other utilities that are producing sustainability reports.

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