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July 2013


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The Partnership for Safe Water is a voluntary self-paced program for Water utilities to make step-by step improvements to optimize their water treatment plants and distribution systems.

Through use of Partnership software, guidance documents, and optimization tools, operational data collection and trending is easily evaluated to work toward optimization of any plant or distribution system, regardless of size, configuration, or complexity.

Progression through the various phases of the program allows the system to evaluate their entire operations from SOURCE TO TAP and pursue cost effective measures to provide improved QUALITY and RELIABILITY to utility customers.  Partnership subscriber fees cost utility customers LESS THAN A PENNY per year to realize a measurable improvement in water quality.

The Partnership for Safe Water’s Staff and volunteers are willing to work with you within the framework of the program to make it happen for your utility.  Learn More by contacting us via e-mail or at 303-347-6169.

While the program is self-paced by each participant, expectations are that each utility would progress thru the Phase III step of the program, at a minimum, to achieve a substantial benefit from membership.  The Partnership's staff will work diligently with you to achieve those goals.  Well on your way towards optimization?  Consider sharing your talents and experience with others as a Partnership for Safe Water volunteer.  Contact us to learn how you can help.

Make 2013 the year to make substantial progress toward your systems goal of providing the BEST QUALITY PRODUCT, IN A SAFE AND COST EFFECTIVE MANNER, FOR ALL OF YOUR CUSTOMERS, with a little help from the Partnership for Safe Water Program.

Partnership staff welcomes new subscribers!

Town of Canton Water Department - Canton, Massachusetts - Distribution Program
Upper Saucon Township - Center Valley, Pennsylvania - Distribution Program
Halifax Water - Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada - Treatment & Distribution Program
Berwick Water Department - Berwick, Maine - Treatment Program

Steering Committee | PEAC Committee

Steering committee and PEAC meeting summaries from ACE

Throughout the year, Partnership for Safe Water Steering Committee and PEAC volunteers meet regularly by phone. ACE is one of the few opportunities where Partnership volunteers have the opportunity to meet face to face. All Partnership subscribers are welcome to attend these meetings. The 2013 meetings took place in Denver on Sunday, June 9 from 1-3pm (Steering Committee) and 3-5pm (PEAC). A summary of meeting highlights is included below:

Steering committee:

Distribution Program – The Phase III checklist, report review guidelines, and annual reporting requirements were approved.  Look for the updated Phase III checklist and annual reporting requirements on the Partnership's Requirements and Reports web page.

Awards – The Western Berks Water Authority’s Presidents Award application was approved.

2014 Budget – The Steering Committee adopted the proposed 2014 Partnership budget.  AWWA staff will bring this budget through the AWWA budgeting process.

Canada Program – After AWWA board approval of a revised Partnership agreement with Reseau Environnement, our partners in Quebec, expansion of the Partnership program into Canada was discussed.  Look for more news about this in the current issue of the newsletter and in the coming months.

Updates – Updates in a number of areas were provided by Partnership Volunteers, including: Revisions to the Treatment Plant Self-Assessment Guide (Kevin Linder), Partnership strategic planning (Robert Cheng), PEAC update (Mike Barsotti), and NAWC representative status (Keith Cartnick)


  • Phase III and Phase IV submittals, and associated review and annual reporting processes for both phases, were discussed.
  • The team was updated regarding revisions to the Self-Assessment Guide.  Many PEAC volunteers are contributing to the update.
  • Training for PEAC volunteers is scheduled for late 2013.  Initial details for the training were presented to the group.
Distribution Program – Now that Phase III requirements have been approved by the Steering Committee, the group is progressing to developing requirements for the Distribution System Phase IV Presidents and Excellence Awards.  Initial parameters and requirements were outlined and discussed.  Development of Phase IV requirements for the Distribution Program will be ongoing throughout 2013-2014.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend these meetings and contribute to the productive discussion.  We look forward to seeing many of you at ACE14 in Boston next year.  Complete meeting minutes are available upon request by email.


Partnership International Programs

Partnership expands in Canada

Utilities in Quebec have been participating in the Programme d'excellence en eau potable (Excellence Program), managed by Reseau Environnement, and optimizing plant operations for over a decade.  The Excellence Program is based on the Partnership for Safe Water mission and principles and is designed to encourage water treatment utilities located in Quebec to improve water quality by optimizing system operation.  Similar to the Partnership, utilities earn awards as they complete a self-assessment and work towards optimization. 

But did you know that all utilities in Canada are now eligible to participate in the Partnership for Safe Water?

Utilities in provinces outside Quebec may join the Partnership for Safe Water directly through AWWA, provided the following eligibility requirements are met:

  • Treatment Program - Open to all surface water filtration plants, regardless of size or process configuration
  • Distribution Program - Open to all water systems that apply a residual disinfectant

Interested utilities can learn more and download an application form on the Partnership's subscriber information page.  Quebec utilities interested in the Partnership for Safe Water program are eligible to join the Programme d’excellence en eau potable (Excellence Program), managed by Reseau Environnement.

The Partnership welcomes Halifax Water, from Nova Scotia, as a recent new Treatment and Distribution Program subscriber from Canada.  The water utilities and treatment plants listed below are also recognized as current Programme d’excellence en eau potable subscribers in Quebec.  The Partnership thanks these utilities for their ongoing commitment to improving water quality and protecting public health.

Quebec programme d'excellence en eau potable participants (2013)

Beauharnois - Station Joseph-Armand-Poupart
Becancour - Station de Bécancour
Gatineau - Aylmer
Gatineau - Buckingham
Gatineau - Hull
L'Assomption - Jean-Perreault
Laval - Station Sainte-Rose
Laval - Station Pont Viau
Laval - Station Chomedey

Montreal - Atwater
Montreal - Charles J. Des Baillets
Montreal - Dorval
Montreal - Lachine
Montreal - Pierrefonds
Montreal - Pointe-Claire
Oka - Oka
Quebec - Beauport
Quebec - Charlesbourg
Quebec - Quebec

Riviere-du-Loup - Station Riviere-du-Loup
Rosemere - Station de Rosemère
Rouyn-Noranda - Rouyn-Noranda
Saint-Eustache - Station de Saint-Eustache
Saint-Hyacinthe - Hyacinthe
Saint-Jerome - Saint-Jerome
Sainte-Therese - Station de Sainte-Thérèse
Trois-Rivieres - Trois-Rivières
Victoriaville - Hamel

subscriber news

Last year, I (Barb) had the opportunity to tour the Waterworks Museum during a visit to Boston.  The museum was a wonderful way to preserve the historically significant Chestnut Hill Reservoir pumping station while highlighting the impact that a water utility can have on the public health, development, and historical tapestry of a major metropolitan area.

Partnership subscriber, Louisville Water Company, recipient of the Excellence in Water Treatment Award and 2013 Directors Award for Distribution, also aims to preserve a piece of utility and city history with the Louisville Water Tower Park and WaterWorks Museum.  The park, a National Historic Landmark, is the site of the city's first pumping station, dating back to 1858.  It is now a destination for the public to visit and learn more about the significance of water treatment to the city's history, as well as a center for educational outreach. Learn more about Louisville Water Company's preservation efforts.    

Does your utility have great news or a unique story to share?  Let us know the details and your system could be featured in an upcoming issue of the Partnership for Safe Water Newsletter - e-mail us to tell your story.

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