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Visit this resources page often for tech-tips, case studies, AWWA Opflow and industry articles designed to help utilities manage treatment and distribution optimization practices.

2016 Annual Data Summary Report (PDF, 2 MB)

The Partnership's Steering Committee and Staff are pleased to present the 2016 Annual Data Summary Report (PDF) 2 MB.  Released annually, the report includes data from both the treatment plant and distribution system optimization programs.  

Partnership for Safe Water Strategic Plan (PDF)

Since the beginning, Partnership programs have been developed "For Utilities; By Utilities."  In 2014, the Partnership developed and adopted a new strategic plan, designed to guide the program into a successful future.  Read the plan and learn more about our vision, mission, and strategic goals.


Coagulation is a critical component of the surface water treatment process and plays an important role in the multi-barrier approach to enhancing particulate removal at surface water treatment plants.  As such, coagulation is a key water treatment process included in the Partnership for Safe Water Treatment Plant Optimization Program's self-assessment process.  Many variables can influence the effectiveness of coagulation, which may be addressed in a variety of manners.  Access this Tech-Tip, contributed by AWWA's Sr. Manager of Partnership Programs, Barb Martin, to learn more about several strategies and resources that can help utilities optimize the coagulation process.
In addition to the Partnership for Safe Water, a variety of industry resources exist to help drinking water utilities continuously improve and optimize all aspects of utility performance.  One group of resources includes AWWA's Utility Management Standards.  The September 2016 Journal AWWA article, titled "Using Utility Management Standards to Optimize Operations," describes the benefits of applying AWWA Utility Management Standards to improve operations and highlights the benefits realized by utilities through case study examples.  Access this article to learn more about this important optimization resource.
A critical component of optimizing the filtration process consists of collecting, tracking, and evaluating filter performance data, in a process referred to as filter surveillance.  A filter surveillance program is adaptable to meet the needs of a variety of filter configurations, and, performed regularly, provides valuable information to help staff proactively address filtration challenges and maintain optimized performance.  This Tech-Tip includes a presentation contributed by Bill Evans, Chief Operator for the City of Bellingham (Washington), that provides an in-depth look at this key filter optimization activity.
The Partnership for Clean Water is a new global optimization and recognition program for wastewater utilities that opened for Charter Subscriber participation in June 2016.  It is established as a parallel program to the Partnership for Safe Water, which has successfully been helping drinking water utilities optimize performance for more than 20 years.  Access September 2016's Getting Optimized column to learn more about this innovative new program and its key wastewater treatment facility optimization concepts.
Operator training is a common theme included in annual reports submitted by many Partnership for Safe Water treatment plant and distribution system optimization program subscribers. When it is considered that nearly 50% of utility employees are anticipated to retire over the next 10 years, it is not surprising that many utility managers find themselves in the position of recruiting, hiring, and training the next generation of water operations staff. A variety of resources are available to support the process of training new operators - including AWWA's updated WSO Series of books. Read the full article to learn more about this informative series of resources for water treatment and distribution system operators.
PFOA and PFOS are fluorinated organic chemicals, historically used for industrial applications, that have been detected in some water supplies.  They were included among the list of contaminants for monitoring under UCMR3, and USEPA recently issued a Health Advisory for these chemicals.  AWWA, with the assistance of HDR, has prepared a series of Fact Sheets that provide additional information about several technical aspects of PFOS and PFOA.  Access this article for links to these informative pieces.

Video Tech-Tip: Creating Filter Profiles

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