Wastewater treatment plant self-assessment and optimization, to improve efficiency and effluent quality, is the initial focus of the Partnership for Clean Water's wastewater utility optimization program.

Introducing the Partnership for Clean Water 

The Partnership for Clean Water is a global optimization and recognition program for wastewater utilities, that launched in June 2016.  It is established as a parallel program to the Partnership for Safe Water, which has successfully been helping drinking water utilities optimize performance for more than 20 years.

The Partnership for Clean Water will initially focus on wastewater treatment plant optimization, with programs for the optimization of reuse facilities and collection systems to be launched in the future.  Read the contents of this website to learn more - or Subscribe Now to this exciting new optimization program.


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Partnership for Clean Water Resources

The Partnership for Clean Water offers a variety of resources for wastewater treatment plant optimization, a growing number of which will be available to Charter Members over the next several months.  Visit this website often to access the latest program information and resources.  The Partnership for Clean Water opened for Charter Membership on May 2, 2016.  All subscribers will receive a pro-rated subscription fee for their first year of program participation.

To join, download and complete the Partnership for Clean Water Subscriber Application (PDF version) - or subscribe online!

View a sample of current Partnership for Clean Water information and resources below.  

Partnership for Clean Water Fact Sheet

Download the Partnership for Clean Water Fact Sheet to learn more about this unique optimization program for wastewater treatment plants.

AWWA Resource Community

Visit AWWA's Wastewater Resource Community (login required) to access additional relevant information for wastewater utilities.

Self-Assessment Guidance

Self-Assessment for Wastewater Treatment Plant Optimization - Download a sample chapter from the Partnership for Clean Water's wastewater treatment plant self-assessment guidance!

subscriber Resources

Partnership for Clean Water Subscribers - use the link below to access the secure online account management and data reporting tool.  

**Users must be logged into the AWWA website, using their AWWA login credentials, to access the tool.** 

Use the "Log In/Register" button located at the upper right-hand corner of the page to log in or to create AWWA website login credentials (free of charge).  Forgot your AWWA login or password?  Contact Customer Service at 800-926-7337 or service@awwa.org.  

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