Only Tap Water Delivers

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A public outreach campaign that is available, free of charge, to AWWA utility members to help communicate the value of tap water service and the need for infrastructure investment. The materials are available online and in a CD toolkit, and can be adapted to meet local needs.

For additional questions about the Only Tap Water Delivers materials, please contact Amber Wilson in the AWWA Communications Department. 

Download the Only Tap Water Delivers materials

Only Tap Water Delivers Q&A

Why should you use this campaign?

Only Tap Water Delivers helps utilities communicate about the value of water service and the need to reinvest in water infrastructure.

What's the primary message?

The campaign’s primary message is Only Tap Water Delivers:

  • Public health protection
  • Fire protection
  • Support for the economy
  • Quality of life

What's included in the campaign?

The campaign includes artwork for the following:

  • Print ads for placement in local publications (English and Spanish)
  • Radio public service announcement (English and Spanish)
  • Bill stuffers
  • Consumer handouts
  • Children’s activities
  • Fun facts sheet
  • Campaign logos
  • Web banner
  • Campaign talking points
  • Campaign speech
  • Op-Ed Piece
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Editorial board briefing guide
  • Ways to use the campaign
  • Campaign analytics

Why can't I access the materials?

These materials are available exclusively to AWWA member utilities. If your utility is not a member and would like to join to have access to these materials, or you are an AWWA utility member who did not receive the materials, please email AWWA Customer Service.