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Passive Conservation: Codifying the Use of Water-Efficient Technologies (PDF)

  • Author(s): Hoecker, Jay; Bracciano, Dave
  • Publications: Journal - American Water Works Association
  • Issue Date: February 2012
  • Volume / Number: 104, Number 2
  • Page(s): E93-E99
  • DOI:
  • Product Number: JAW_0075361
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This article investigates how water efficiency professionals can use the code adoption process to implement increased water efficiency technologies. Beyond the U.S. Energy Policy Act, many standards are used to codify water use efficiency throughout the United States. In Florida, for example, the International Plumbing Code is used and updated frequently through a consensus-based process described in this article. Conservation professionals assessing how to increase water use efficiency can be integrated into the code adoption process, but few know where or how to become involved. They may also provide input by either becoming a member of a technical advisory committee or through public testimony. Standards development and code adoption processes are sometimes overlooked by conservation professionals, who can achieve passive conservation by participating in such processes.

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