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Money Matters -- The Silver Bullet for Aging Water Distribution Systems? (PDF)

  • Author(s): Baird, Gregory M.
  • Publications: Journal - American Water Works Association
  • Issue Date: June 2011
  • Volume / Number: 103, Number 6
  • Page(s): 14-16, 18, 20-23
  • DOI:
  • Product Number: JAW_0073799
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This article presents polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe as the silver bullet to meet the challenges and costs associated with the aging water infrastructure crisis for water and wastewater systems. PVC pipe has a smooth, noncorrosive, and bacteria-resistant surface that stays clean for decades. The article discusses the areas of the country that have the highest pipe failures, replacement costs, developer fees and ratepayer affordability, life-cycle costing, carbon footprint testing, leak detection monitoring of PVC pipes, and affordable pipe sustainability.

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